Why conservatism, religious or political, is sanity

Pope John Paul II
Mar 10, 1987; Miami, FL, USA; (L-R) Pope JOHN PAUL II, President RONALD REAGAN and First Lady NANCY REAGAN during the Pope’s visit to Miami, Florida..(Credit Image: © Arthur Grace/ZUMAPRESS.com) (Newscom TagID: zumaamericasseven773643.jpg) [Photo via Newscom]
In 1888, yes! a long time ago, Pope Leo XIII wrote, in his encyclical entitled ‘On the Nature of True Liberty’ (Libertas Praestantissimum), about the difference between a liberal view of liberty, which always tends to take liberties on the truth, and the Catholic fullness of Truth, which tends to conserve true human liberty, within its Merciful boundaries, found within the borders of Truth and Justice, laid down by God in Revelation, natural law, and honest common sense.

As the liberal fallacy goes, faithful, Traditional Catholicism and Patriotic American conservatism are enemies of human ‘progress’ because they bind the hearts and minds of the human person in a dogma and morality found in myths and religion and prejudices, exposed by the evolved elite as lies which bind the human person in the enslavement of guilt and misery.

But history and experience bear witness to the contrary.

Liberalism, in all its willy-nilly liberty, has produced more death, misery, and destruction than any other form of thinking in American history. Liberalism has brought us the genocide of abortion. Liberalism has induced the contraceptive mentality. Liberalism has created a culture of death which seeks to expand its negative impact through euthanasia, cloning,  and, for our teenage girls, ‘morning-after-pills.’ Liberalism has created havoc in divorce-on-demand, gay ‘marriage,’ transgenderism, and a pop society immersed in perversion. Liberalism has introduced creeping socialism with a humongous nanny government, crushing Constitutional rights, while increasing slavery through entitlements. Liberalism has made mind destroying drugs legal. Liberalism protects criminals in sanctuary cities. Liberalism empowers terrorists in a society paralyzed in political correctness. Liberalism obscures Judeo-Christianity through constant propaganda attacks. Liberalism shrinks freedom of speech, whores the minority in entitlements, and makes women fools in the trickery of ‘women’s reproductive rights.’ Liberalism, moreover, is always defined in an oxymoronic fashion in relativism.

Conservatism, on the other hand, appeals to Divine Revelation, natural law, common sense, and science (note that I didn’t say scientism, which is the domain of the liberal).

Traditional Catholicism, and American conservatism, seeks first for the Truth, and then works toward forming society through the laws revealed. Marriage and family are always priority one. Hence, marriage is solely between a man and a woman. Life begins at conception. Free speech, religious freedom, and the right to protect ones family, are ‘unalienable’ rights endowed by the Creator. Objective truth, as opposed to the liberals fallen relativism, brings stability, a definite language (as opposed to the garble of political correctness), the ability to dispense law and order, and justice and equity, while preserving the foundational freedom of Life, to pursue the only happiness which lasts in Truth.

Definitively, liberalism thinks of the human person through the lens of philosophical-evolutionism. For the liberal, the human person is merely a highly evolved animal, ‘determined’ to live within the bounds of nature. Therefore, urges and desires rule, and should be pleased whenever possible. Reason, or the evolution of the human  brain, reveals no objective morality or purpose in life, therefore, government should rule society through pure pragmatism. In other words, whatever popular democracy decides, the rule of law should be. Without God, dogma, and tradition, any which way but loose must be the way of the world. Thus, relativism becomes the natural consequence. Political Correctness becomes a necessity to corral the chaos. Socialism, the culture of death, the destruction of the family, and a Post-Christian America, are the consequential bad fruit from this dying tree.

Conservatism, on the other hand, though practiced imperfectly by imperfect people, seeks first for Transcendent Truth. Truth which is always life giving, and regenerative, in that it always goes back to the Source of all goodness. Conservatism, therefore, is what is most needed in this dying American culture.

Conservatism which is Catholic, and politically patriotic.

God bless the U.S. of A!



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