The greatest liberal lie is…


The greatest liberal lie isn’t found in one single sin, however devastating it may be, such as abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage, or even in singular sinful ideologues such as relativism.

What happens to be the greatest liberal lie is found in the irrational sentiment which pronounces happiness, and the cessation of crime and terrorism, in absolute liberty, free from religious dogma, natural law, and objective truth.

In other words, if we follow our passions–dismissing our conscience and our reason–we will find the liberal nirvana.

But isn’t this why America is in the current mess that it is in?

When we kicked prayer out of public school, we kicked God out too. With it went objective truth. We have now birthed 2 or 3 generations of self-absorbed relativists, hell bent on making up morality and ethics on personal, and popular, whim.

Subsequently, the United States of America, formerly the land of the brave and the home of the free, has become the dirty water fountain of a culture of death, a culture of political corruption,  an entitlement culture, a racially divided culture, and a culture which panders to every radical group imaginable.

Abortion is just a word for ‘I don’t have time, or mercy, for a baby right now.’ Euthanasia is just a word for ‘please die so that I can go on with my life.’ Soon to come cloning is just a word for ‘my family is superior to yours, so, yours must fade away, and mine must fill the earth.’ Gay marriage is just a term which means ‘intercourse and orgasm is more important than truth and life.’

But it doesn’t end with the big three: abortion, euthanasia, and gay marriage.

Introducing political correctness into every situation neuters the dialogue necessary for truth, and true progress. Sanctuary cities, and a push for amnesty for illegal aliens, discredits the benefit to society of laws. And the rampant licentious expression of the popular culture only weakens our society in the devil’s greatest distraction from truth found in temptations through our base instincts.

It always sounds so attractive. ‘Hope’ and ‘change.’ ”Marriage equality’ and ‘women’s reproductive rights.’ ‘Climate change’ and ‘amnesty.’ ‘The first female President.’ ‘The first Black President.’ ‘Black Lives Matters.’ ‘Homophobia, Islamophobia, Obamacare, HHS mandates, morning-after-pills, Common Core,’ and ‘undocumented immigrants.’

But in the end it all adds up to lawlessness, racial divisiveness, chaos, and a crumbling society. Liberals will never go away. Like cockroaches, they can only be temporarily obliterated. What matters more is that people of faith, people who can see and feel, in their intellect, common sense, and conscience, the ‘natural law’ of things, must become the new soldier, pioneers, and martyrs, of a Resurrected society, purged of progressivism through the cross of failed experience.

Then we can become a true society of progress.  Always seeking for Truth on Truth’s terms.

God bless.

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