The new Catholic ‘syllabus of errors’


If Pope Pius IX was still alive today he would probably consider rewriting his Syllabus of Errors.

Assuming his position of authority, from such a precarious perch of humility, I propose the new Syllabus of Errors:

‘Life really begins at (X) weeks of fetal development. Prior to that, it is just tissue.’

‘Socialism is really the most humane form of government.’

‘Divorced and remarried Catholics deserve the mercy of the Church and, subsequently, should be readmitted to the sacraments.’

‘Climate change is such an absolutely verifiable scientific reality that the Pope should positively comment on it in an Encyclical.’

‘Islam is truly a religion of peace.’

‘Gay marriage is only normal, and anyone who has a problem with it is a homophobe.’

‘Gun control will solve all problems of societal violence.’

‘Ending someone’s life, with their permission, due to incurable illness and suffering, is truly an act of compassion and mercy.’

’14 year old girls should be able to obtain ‘morning-after-pills’ without their parents permission.’

‘Condoms are the surest way to eradicate AIDS.’

‘Homosexuality is just another form of sexual expression, equal in validity to all others.’

‘Large government is the best way to secure the needs of impoverished individuals.’

‘One world governance, led by the United Nations, is the best way to unite, and strengthen, civilized society.’

‘Europe doesn’t need to acknowledge its debt to Catholicism.’

‘Radical secularism, and socialism, has been very successful in South America and Europe.’

‘A large influx of (illegal) undocumented immigrants carries no threat to the native population.’

‘Moslems assimilate well into their new host societies.’

‘Cafeteria Catholicism is a derogatory term which disrespects Catholics who form their own consciences based on a new reality.’

‘Contraception is in no way linked with the culture of death.’

‘Pornography is innocuous.’

‘Christian genocide at the hands of Moslems is a purely conservative invention.’

‘Decentralization of power in the Catholic Church, with more decisions made at the local episcopal level, will surely lead to more unity.’

‘Cardinals such as Walter Kasper represent the hierarchy persecuted by the old patriarchy of John Paul II.’

‘Climate change is the number one threat to human life.’

‘There is theological validity to a female priesthood.’

‘Barack Obama is a champion for the poor, the immigrant, and seeks for racial harmony.’

Any suggestions for more?

God bless!

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