Guns don’t kill…lies do


Jesus wasn’t killed by any whip, any nail, or any spear. Truthfully, he wasn’t even killed by the Cross. In, and of, themselves, they are inanimate objects, subject to human will.

Similarly, any sane, intelligent, fair minded person can understand the same about guns.

What killed Jesus, and kills us, is a lie.

And the lie resides in the sinful will of the human heart.

Gun control will never stop a myriad of sins which dwell in the primordial sin of disobedience to the Will of God.

Not calling the unborn a human person, but using rationalized terms such as ’embryo’ or ‘fetus’ opens the door to the hateful, utilitarian ideology known as eugenics. Abortion, euthanasia, and their little children in sterilization, contraception, and morning after pills, kill far more human life than any gun. All of them are the calamity of sinful human lies.

Not honoring the sacred sacrament of matrimony, cafeteria Catholics, lukewarm Christians, and secular Jews, have opened Pandora’s box to a plethora of relational perversions. Built on a lie which distorts the truth of holy matrimony, such apostasies as ‘gay’ marriage, divorce-on-demand, polygamy, civil remarriage, and cohabitation, have either become ‘legal,’ or are on the legal horizon. No gun can match the carnage that these lies have perpetrated against the family.

Not calling Radical Islamic terrorism by its name, through political correctness, which is really popular cowardice for social comfort, many Christians, Moslems, Jews, and secularists have died unnecessarily. Gun control will never eradicate insane religion! The Jihadist’s gun is not the problem. The Jihadist’s Jihad is.

Lawlessness, sanctioned for political reasons, leads to more deaths per capita than any documented gun incident, however gruesome. Illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, a ‘compassionate’ Syrian influx sans legit vetting, all for political gain, are potential killers of thousands upon thousands of Americans. And it’s all built upon a lie. How can awarding lawlessness be an expression of justice? How can harboring law breakers, against the national law, be seen as goodness? How can inviting thousands of foreigners from a land full of terrorists, without proper vetting, be seen as sane compassion? The truth behind the lie is that political gain is more important than the potential thousands that could die from it.

Guns don’t kill, lies do.

What kills is communism, atheistic materialism, eugenics, Radical Islam, progressivism, and unrepentant sinfulness.

So the next time some bleeding heart progressive points at a gun as the cause of all evil, remind him, or her, of the most dangerous combo in the Universe, the fallen, and perverted, human intellect and will.

God bless!


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