Pope Francis and the handgun


First Pope Francis.

There is always a danger when exercising our Traditional Catholic outlook, that in our criticism of creeping liberalism we become a little like what we criticize. In other words, in our disdain for Pope Francis’ questionable comments and actions, we might become antagonistic to his legitimate teaching authority as Vicar of Christ, and successor to St. Peter.

Obviously, Traditional Catholics, that have difficulty with Pope Francis, aren’t going to become Pro-Choice, or Pro-gay marriage, in some sort of knee jerk childlike temper tantrum. But there is that insidious, may I even say, devilish, temptation to caste dispersions with a little bit of a quick trigger toward our Holy Father, even when he is legitimately baffling us with some borderline progressive tendencies.

The challenge, obviously, is to communicate our difficulties with his, sometimes, borderline unorthodox Catholicism, in an Orthodox manner.

Now to handguns.

The Rosary is an instrument of spirituality. It is a meditation on the life of Christ, in prayerful communion with Mary, the Mother of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit.

It is an instrument of our charity.

Now, making myself very vulnerable to criticism, vulnerable to people with no imagination, and no spiritual adventure, I would like to propose the legally acquired hand gun as an instrument of spirituality…though, no where near the holiness of the Rosary.

Think about it.

Many loving husbands and wives, sons and daughters, purchase a hand gun to protect those whom they love from the monsters that currently prowl the earth. Yes, a gun can be an instrument of hatred. And, yes, a gun is certainly capable of killing. But police and soldiers have carried these instruments for centuries, protecting and serving towns and nations with honor.

What’s different about a parent doing the same for their children? Or grown children doing it for their elderly parents? Too much wine can kill, but when sanctified with purpose it is changed into the Body of Christ. Fire kills. But when sanctified in purpose it can be light and warmth. What is different about a handgun when used for true charity?

God bless!

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