In all this PC Moslem Love, don’t forget the Arab Christian


I don’t know what sickens me more, the progressive sugar-water of the ‘moderate’ Moslem majority, or the lunacy of Donald Trump which insists on throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

Inevitably, if one were to choose between these two sewer rats, a greater truth would be obscured in progressive politics and bloated self aggrandizement.

First, the ‘moderate’ Moslem.

Progressives like Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton always tout the ‘vast majority of peace loving Moslems’ while pointing to the thousands upon thousands of exceptions to the PC rule, which they spin as ‘a few radical extremists or unaffiliated lone wolves.’ Well, common sense, teamed with a basic mathematical ability, synergized in an honest perspective on the worldwide terror situation, would have any sane, intelligent, honest person doubting the claim that ‘a vast majority of Moslems are peace loving people.’

What also bothers many well read people is the fact that Moslems are people of the Koran.

Now, not all Moslems want to behead the infidel, but a vast majority of them want to remain faithful to Allah. And to remain faithful to Allah, Sharia Law must be instituted in some sort of ‘caliphate.’ Yes, I’m sure every TV station, even Fox News, can march out a few Liberal Democracy Moslems. But, truly, looking at the world through truthful, rational, existential lenses, can we not see that the words in the Koran carry literal weight for most Moslems?

And then there is all the apologetics of the Obama administration, jumping to protect Moslems from an imaginary backlash perpetrated by hateful American citizens. Aside from the reality that this is just a gun control power grab, where does Barack get the audacity to judge the compassion, understanding, and charity of the vast majority of Americans…those he is so out of touch with?

And then there’s Donald Trump.

Trump may just be a chump for the Clintons!

Donald Trump, in all his bombastic audacity, hurts the American prospective of having a President in 2016 who actually can restore our Constitutional Rights and privileges. Being a man self absorbed in his own success, the Donald is attempting to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

The baby being Arab, middle eastern, Christians.

Yes, Syrian immigration should be held for a while until we can properly vet these people. But where Donald went wrong, and where the Obama and Clinton regimes purposely obscure reality, is in the fact that many Syrian refugees, and many middle eastern Arabs, probably a minority mathematically, though significant in the fact that they are truly peace loving citizens, is that there is such a thing as an Arab, middle eastern, Christian.

You remember them, don’t you? Those that were beheaded, raped, tortured, lit on fire, persecuted, enslaved, robbed, and degraded by many of the very same people Barack Obama defends as peace loving people.

So, Donald, forget your blanket statements and start remembering the good people within the terrorist rabble. And Hillary, and Barack, how about a little LOVE for the middle eastern Arab Christian?

God bless!

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