Checklist: Are you on the Obama hitlist?


If you fall within one of these categories, you certainly are on the Obama administrations hit-list:

Traditional Roman Catholic: If you are not a cafeteria Catholic, a chameleon with Rosary beads, praying with one hand and supporting the culture of death with the other, you are an enemy of Barry O.

Evangelical Christian: Since you are predominantly from the Bible belt, vote Republican, probably own a gun, and disdain metrosexual urban lifestyles–and associated weirdness–you are open to the condescension, and mockery of the Ivory Tower elitist in chief.

Pro-Lifer: If you believe that life begins at conception, and all lives are equal in dignity in the eyes of God, to include the unborn, you are certainly the enemy of the most notorious baby killing President in American history.

A legal gun owner: If you were a Chicago thug, an illegal Mexican drug smuggler, or an Islamic terrorist, your gun ownership–usually obtained through an illegal purchase–would be overlooked by the Manipulator in Chief. But if you own a gun legally, commit no crimes, and are not a minion of Democratic dementia, your gun ownership is the great obstacle to Obama’s dream of a Marshall Law takeover.

Political conservatives: If you dream of a small government which allows, and supports, the individual states to serve their people, rather than lord over them, and you happen to believe in a strong military, lower taxes, and traditional family values, realize that Obama has a voodoo doll just for you.

Small business owners: If you believe in the free market, disdain socialized medicine which cripples small business, and abhor countless government regulations aimed at soaking you dry ($), then you are getting in Barry Hussein’s way.

American Patriots: If you’re the American Sniper, saving countless American lives through the death of Moslem terrorists, Obama hates you. If you are a cop, especially a white male cop, and you arrest young black males for provable crimes, Obama hates you (though, he loves to share this hate with cops of all races and genders—see Baltimore). If you are an ordinary citizen willing to die for your family, faith (Christian), and country, he hates you the most of all.

Objective, rational human persons: Obama hates honest historians. Obama hates objective, weather studying, scientists. Obama hates Catholics who are truly Catholic, and Christians who are truly Christian. Obama hates objective journalists. Obama hates undercover journalists who reveal Planned Parenthood murder. Obama hates world leaders like Benjamin Netanyahu, who tell the truth. Obama hates unrigged national elections.

The unborn, the elderly, and the infirmed: Proof of his hatred for these vulnerable people is in the proliferation of Planned Parenthood, the insidious growth of euthanasia, and the silent, yet salient fiscal, support Obama gives the culture of death.

Women and African Americans: Obama is a full fledged Moslem supporter. He protects them at all cost. Heck, he can’t even say ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism.’ But he has the audacity to promote the rights of women through ‘women’s reproductive rights,’ which abort more black babies than any other race. And, concerning the Moslems, can you name a worse offender of women’s rights than the Jihadists?

Illegal immigrants: He welcomes them with open arms so that he can enslave them on entitlements, enroll them in the Democratic voter base, and offend their Christian, and most often Catholic, sensibilities. And you call that love?

Did I forget any?

God bless.

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