In liberal lingo, annulment is Catholic ‘divorce’


Words have power.

Especially when they are conveyed for the Truth.

But words can be used as weapons, causing scandal through popular, progressive semantic manipulation. This has gone on for far too long in the American Catholic community through the decaying misinterpretation of Vatican II perpetrated by progressive Bishops, priests, religious, and lay catechists, theologians, professors, and diocesan employees.

The recent Synod on the Family illuminated this continuing travesty through the words and actions of Cardinals such as Walter Kasper and Godfried Danneels.

This practiced relativism, practiced by so called disciples of the Incarnate Truth, has burdened America with the sins of abortion, contraception, gay ‘marriage,’ divorce-on-demand, morning-after-pills for 14 year old girls, a majority Catholic vote (x2) for a Pro-Choice President, an HHS mandate oppressive to freedom of religion, and a society hostile to genuine Catholic Theological Tradition.

Consequently, this practiced relativism has infected the Diocesan Tribunals responsible for the valid discernment of the possibility of the ‘nullity of marriage.’

I’m sure you have met, as I have, the non-Catholic who skeptically points to Catholic ‘annulment’ and calls it Catholic divorce. He, or she, points out the hypocrisy of a Church which condemns divorce, but then performs ecclesial divorces in the language of ‘annulment.’ Sadly, through the Trojan Horse progressivism which has infected the Church like a malignant cancer, ‘annulment’ has taken the form of civil divorce.

But this is not how it is supposed to be.

Diocesan Tribunals who investigate the validity of marriage are absolutely prohibited by Sacred Scripture and Catholic Tradition (capital T!) from ‘tearing asunder’ what God has brought together. All faithful Diocesan Tribunals, putting aside, for a moment, progressive diocesan heresy and apostasy,  seek only to discern the true validity of the marriage in front of them. Seeking, first, God’s Truth, and Justice, in the indissolubility of marriage, the faithful Catholic Tribunal can then deliver the Mercy of God in the Truthful situation that exists between the baptized man and woman in their presence.

Never must there be a Tribunal which attempts to destroy a valid marriage through the ‘annulment’ of what has been brought together in Divine Wisdom. For the faithful Tribunal discerns the ‘nullity of marriage’ in purely human relationships which were never truly valid marriages (Grounds for Nullity (EWTN).

The lesson every Catholic can take from this unfortunate reality, including yours truly, is that part of our responsibility within the ‘New Evangelization’ is setting the power of words back into their true context within the Source of all Truth in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

God bless!

Cardinal Burke comments on the Synod on the Family









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