The Cardinal who would defy God’s Will


In his own words, Walter Cardinal Kasper knowingly, and willingly, promotes the disparagement, disrespect, and disregard for God’s ‘Divine Law,’ as revealed by God’s ‘supernatural’ Revelation.

The Synod on the Family, which is supposed to be a grace filled meeting of the successors to the Apostles, a place where the family, marriage, and Catholic Truth are protected, promoted, and promulgated, a place where Bishops, Cardinals, and Traditional theologians offer the Pope insight and inspiration for preaching the Catholic Truth about marriage and family, yet a place which became a spiritual garden where Cardinals such as Walter Kasper planted seeds of scandal in individualistic, relativistic, and progressive-anti-Catholic ideas.

The real danger is that his words are carefully nuanced, polished for presentation like a true progressive ideologue, so that they almost sound more merciful than the Mercy of Christ.

And that is where the heresy begins.

In Kasper’s own words:

‘The path in question would not be a general solution. It is not a broad path for the great masses, but a narrow path for the indeed smaller segment of divorced and remarried individuals who are honestly interested in the sacraments. Is it not necessarily precisely here to prevent something worse–the loss of the children with the loss of the whole second generation?’

So, Walter Kasper is holy enough to redefine Jesus’ understanding of the narrow way? Walter Kasper is holy enough to allow a select few individuals to break Divine Law? Walter Kasper is clever enough to fool us into thinking that the proper separation necessary in illicit relationships is evil compared to willingly, and knowingly, remaining in those relationships for some theoretical benefit for their children? Practically speaking, does Walter Kasper have the audacity to demand that lapsed Catholics remain in illicit conjugal relations for the betterment of the children?

Does Walter Kasper, moreover, disregard the necessary virtue of chastity when the Church mercifully allows civilly remarried Catholics to remain together for the benefit of the children?

I ask this because he goes on to say: ‘A civil marriage with clear criteria must be distinguished from other forms of ‘irregular’ cohabitation, such as clandestine marriages, unmarried couples, and especially fornication and so called serial marriages. Life is not black and white, in fact there are many nuances.’

Once again, is Walter Kasper reinventing God’s Divinely Instituted Sacrament of Marriage, personally instituting another form of matrimony without a Sacramental reality? Isn’t this just a continual slide on the slippery slope which already haunts us in relativism? Isn’t this the same ‘semantics’ which has brought us ‘gay marriage’ and, eventually, polygamy and other aberrations of the Truth?

Finally, isn’t Walter Kasper a bit condescending, like a dyed-in-the-wool progressive, when he reminds us that ‘life is not black and white, in fact there are many nuances?’ Isn’t this just code for the cafeteria Catholics desire for self-determination in self-idolatry?

God bless!

Cardinal Arinze–Theology of the Body



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