Cardinal Kasper, cafe Catholics and the disrespect of martyrs


Fans of the popular Pope Francis craze, progressives in lock step with Walter Cardinal Kasper, and cafeteria Catholics across our great nation, all proponents of catchphrases such as mercy and compassion, all disobeying Sacred Scripture and Catholic Theological Tradition, concerning divorce, remarriage, and reception of the Eucharist, unwittingly (?) disrespect holy Catholic martyrs.

While Kasper the friendly Cardinal, and a slew of café Catholics, ignores the indissolubility of marriage, as Divine Revelation teaches us, he spits in the face of such great saints as St. John the Baptist, St. John Fisher, and St. Thomas More…to name a few!

St. John the Baptist died reminding Herod of his illegitimate desire to marry his brothers wife. St. John Fisher and St.Thomas More died reminding King Henry VIII that his desire to marry Anne Boleyn was a sin against the indissolubility of his marriage with Catherine of Aragon. And many of the Carthusian religious order also died in defiance to the apostate king.

What differentiates Cardinals like Walter Kasper, and his café Catholic minions, from the great saints is the latters heroic virtue, and the formers lack of faith and lack of obedience.

While Saints such as John Fisher and Thomas More suffered death in imitation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, wingless Cardinals like Walter Kasper, and millions of imitation Catholics, side with the Herod’s and the King Henry the VIII’s of the world.

While the world hears the progressive, and pseudo-pastoral, intimations of Walter Cardinal Kasper, where is the Traditional Catechesis of Pope Francis, reminding the world of the words of Jesus concerning divorce? Where is the great public response of Catholic bishops, reminding the faithful of the great price the martyrs paid to protect such a Divine Institution?

Am I the only one disturbed by this?

Cardinals Burke versus Kasper on marriage and divorce


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