If God is big…


If God is big…

I am not a cookie cutter Catholic.

I suppose there is no such thing.

But I’ve always thought that ‘honesty is the best policy.’

It is very easy to be Catholic when Catholicism makes you a very good living. It is easy to ‘wax poetic’ when you are a published author, a University professor, a pastor, a Bishop, or a successful business person, influential in parish affairs. In other words, when you are afforded the soap box of social acceptance.

But anyone truly honest admits that the best person for the position isn’t always the person in that position. Catholicism teaches us that injustice is at least as common as Justice.

Try being the ‘happy Catholic’ when the Jesus in the gospel, espousing Divine Mercy, and the Jesus of the pious, happy Catholic at Mass, is not the  Jesus of your life. Try on chronic unemployment, addiction, family rejection, the reality of the unforgiving human heart (it’s amazing how forgiving people are when you can make them money $), aging and illness, and a world run by automaton-stereotype acceptance or rejection.

This is when Divine Mercy seems a mystery.

Prayer becomes a true devotion of fading hope, testing fortitude to the nth degree. Mass attendance becomes a ritual torture as financially comfortable, and socially acceptable, ‘Catholics’ offer their ‘prayer’ for you in your life of squalor. When diocesan priests drive away in their brand new car, to their fancy home. When Jesus seems like a vindictive teenager, out to get his last ounce of punishment.

Of course, theologically, taught by sound professors, on sound Catholic doctrine, my intellect doesn’t ascribe to these sentiments. But my weak and weary heart does.

And I know I am not alone.

If God is big…he’ll understand.

God bless.

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