Cardinal Kasper: the Catholic Pinocchio


In the recent Synod on the Family, the usual cast of liberal characters, lead by (Cardinal) Walter Kasper, found a stain in an otherwise pristine house, and pronounced it unclean.

In other words, liberal clerics–with their theologian minions–search far and wide to find a needle in the Scriptural, Patristic, and Traditional Catholic haystack, in order to initiate anti-Doctrinal heresy within Holy Mother Church.

Walter Kasper, and his Legion of apostate pagans, attempted yet another perennial attack on the Body of Christ, aiming their laser precision lies at the Sacrament of Marriage, and the Most Holy Eucharist.

Walter Kasper, in his book The Gospel of the Family, sought to lite the pagan fires within the Church through seeking Eucharistic Communion for divorced, and civilly remarried, Catholics. His justification for this is in a misreading of two, yes! two, Scriptural verses, interpreted liberally (eisegesis), interpreted against 2,000 years of Church Theological Tradition, not to mention against the ‘Sensus Fidelium’ of the Church. He also points to scant Patristic support, denying an avalanche of Church Fatherly teaching which is the Foundation of Traditional Church understanding. Finally, he points to a sporadic and inconsistent Eastern Orthodox understanding of the situation theologically described as oikonomia.

First Scripture.

Walter Kasper points to Matthew 5:32 and 19:9. This is where Jesus makes exception for divorce for porneia. But porneia is a confusing term which can mean incest and polygamy; thereby making the marriage invalid in the first place.  Kasper, moreover, conveniently forgets the overwhelming Scriptural evidence for the indissolubility of marriage: Mt 5:31-32; 19:3-9; Mk 10:2-12; Lk 16:18 and 5:31-32; 1 Cor 7:10; Genesis 2:24; Mt 19:8; Mk 10:5-6.

Walter Kasper’s argument from ‘Patristics’ is so weak as to point to one sentence, in one Council, against over 800 years of Patristic Teaching to the contrary! His whole Patristic argument is from the First Ecumenical Council of Nicea (325 A.D.) where we find the words, referring to divorced and remarried Christians, ‘of tolerance, clemency, an forbearance…’ Yet, taken in context of the greater Patristic teaching, within 2,000 years of Tradition, this means sacramental forgiveness (confession) and acceptance in the Church, sans the Eucharist.

Concerning Easter Orthodoxy, and oikonomia, the responsible Catholic must interpret a practice which is not consistent throughout the Orthodox world, understood in a myriad of ways (eerily similar to Protestantism), which began through a series of historically political manipulations of the exceptions in marriage for divorce. Walter Kasper, however, unites this sliver of a broken dish into one united doctrine.

Walter Kasper also conveniently forgets recent Church Teaching on Marriage, divorce, and the reception of the Real Presence of Jesus. He obscures Saint Pope John Paul II’s Familiaris Consortio, and Pope Benedict XVI’s Sacramentum Caritatis, teaching, from Scripture and Tradition, on the indissolubility of marriage, and the Sacramental reality of unity and Communion symbolized, and actualized, in the Eucharist, and the lack of unity and communion in divorce and civil remarriage.

But worst of all, through Walter Kasper’s fibs, the progressive media has painted Traditional Catholics as haters of the divorced and remarried. This is so untrue! Catholic Tradition, while respecting, and reserving the Eucharist as the Lord wishes, forgives, reconciles, and encourages participation from the beloved sibling of Jesus in Truth and Love, respecting the Eucharistic Lord while providing Pastoral care for his beloved who have fallen in the sin of divorce and pseudo sacrament of civil remarriage.

God bless!

Walter Kasper: YouTube



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