A conondrum wrapped in an oxymoron, bathed in irony


Did anyone really watch this deb(acle)ate?

Does anyone with half a brain really take the Democrats seriously?

You should!

Let’s sum up last nights liberal brain fart in a nutshell:

Martin O’Malley is basically the guy in the old Star Trek episode who is not a main character and, consequently, is about to be eradicated by the Klingons. He’s only there to fill a space so that normal minded Americans actually think that the Communists, oops, sorry, Democrats are really having an election process. He also provides representation for the new outcast minority, white middle aged males–those that represent the ‘straw man,’ the 1%, the ‘monopoly man.’

And nobody really cares what Martin O’Malley says since he is about succumb to a Hillary, oops, Klingon death ray.

Bernie Sanders is a very confused man. He wants to win the election so that he can change the United States into Venezuela. But then he doesn’t as he constantly steps on his own toes while kissing Hillary’s royal ass concerning her e-mail debacles. He’s basically Larry from the ‘three stooges.’ He wants to be taken seriously like Mo, and get the big laughs like Curly, but he settles for second hand giggles as he realizes that his radical socialist policies died with the U.S.S.R. and only work on mindless Californians and irresponsible college students.

Now Hillary Clinton…she’s a conundrum, wrapped in an oxymoron, bathed in irony!

Here is a Pro-Choice, gun control, big government, radical feminist, gender politician, involved in numerous legal and ethical scandals, about to be inaugurated as the Democratic parties Presidential nominee. As the worst Secretary of State in American history, and the Senator with the least accomplishments since the great community organizer, Barack Obama, she claims to be the candidate with the most ‘experience.’ As a public servant who lied, under oath, and lied to the victims relatives, and the American people, about Benghazi, she claims to be the most suitable leader for our American future.

But how would a Hillary Presidency pan out?

She’s crooked.

The Clintons are famous for selling out to the biggest buyer. Saudi Arabia has tons of money, and under greedy Hillary, who can expect our natural security to be of major concern to her. After all, she was unable, last night, to utter the words ‘Islamic Terrorism.’ After all, calling the Islamic duck a duck would be bad business for OPEC. Better that unimportant middle class Americans die, especially those Republicans and conservatives, than to offend an oil Sheik.

She’s a killer.

Let’s not forget that she’s a Pro-Choice, anti-gun, pro-illegal-alien, pro-gay ‘marriage,’ friend of black lives matter Clinton chameleon. She may distance herself from Obamacare to get elected–since the Clinton serpant is sliveringly clever–but you can expect much of the same Obama bullshit with Hillary in charge. Planned Parenthood prays to the devil, or Obama, that Hillary is elected. Putin dreams of easy days confounding Hillary. China clicks their chop sticks at the joy of a weakling like her in the White House. Radical Islam prays to Allah that the female infidel is President so that they can go on building their caliphate. Illegals from every country dance with joy over the prospect of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Radical feminists, radical homosexuals, and left wing loons prepare the naked orgy in San Francisco when their diva ‘drags’ America down.

Catholics (non-cafeteria), expect increased governmental persecution. Pro-Lifers, expect the status quo. Proponents of Traditional Marriage, expect a President who spends half her time on the Ellen show, in other words, don’t expect any change for the better. Gun owners, hide your guns…or start using them. Military historians, say goodbye to American strength abroad. Millennials, kiss some more brain cells goodbye–legalized pot, Common Core, nanny higher education, and popular indoctrination will increase.

But, hey, the three stooges are what many Americans want.

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