How our Veterans are getting shafted every day


Our Veterans deserve our utmost respect. And for the average American this is what is expected, and what is delivered. But for political ideologues, Hollywood, and the for-profit industry (masked as a non-profit organization), Veterans are pawns for power and profit.

Barack Obama is the ultimate pimp-in-Chief. Through his thievery he has stolen the glory of Seal Team 6 for personal aggrandizement. He has dishonored the many Veterans who died, or suffered life changing trauma, through his political disengagement in Iraq. Furthermore, through the filling of the Iraqi vacuum with Isis, Barack Obama seeks to put salt in the Veterans wounds through a large scale influx of Syrian ‘immigrants.’ Many of these ‘immigrants,’ undocumented, un-vetted, may be the very terrorists that killed our Veterans in the first place.

Hillary Clinton openly slaps the symbolic Veteran every day. First, she publicly lies about Benghazi and her fabrications about an insulting ‘video’ of Mohammed. Second, she lied to the Veterans families. Thirdly, she ignored pleas for protection from the American consulate in Benghazi. Her persona is smeared with the blood of four dead Americans. Three being Veterans.

The Veterans Administration (VA) is a crooked, bloated, inefficient, phony governmental agency that kills Veterans through gross incompetence and bureaucratic indifference. This agency, meant to serve our Veterans, is a scary governmental behemoth which dares Veterans to enter into the labyrinth of confusion which they may never return from.

Hollywood, full of gory glory war films, is always ready to churn out the newest American battle flick. Except for a few directors like Clint Eastwood, many of these Hollywood movie producers, and the actors that portray Veterans, hate our military, and are openly offensive to the glory which is our American Veteran. But the almighty dollar makes these Veteran haters whore their glory for mammon.

Non-profit organizations like ‘Volunteers of America’ utilize Veterans for profit. This organization, if one digs deep enough, is full of gross mistreatment of Veterans under their care. Veterans housed in their homeless facilities are utilized for donation drives, and are pressured to perform social activities for the advancement of the organization, leveraged with the threat that if they don’t, they can be homeless again. God only knows how many more organizations exist like this one.

On a positive note, many Americans appreciate the ultimate sacrifice our Veterans have given our nation. God bless the American Veteran. God bless those of us who fight to end the above mentioned abuses.

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