Where are we going?


Adam and Eve laid the course:

The world is full of tyrants, from Putin to Obama, from Kim Jong un to Chavez, from Castro to Khomeini. The world is full of ravenous ideologies in Jihadism, Communism, Socialism, Eugenics, Green Eco-terrorism, Radical feminism, Radical homosexuality, progressivism, Radical secularism, and relativism. The world is led by deceptive wolves such as the U.N., Fundamentalist Islamic Imams, degenerate pop stars, and utilitarian politicians.

Abortion is a worldwide phenomenon protected by the most powerful of elites. Euthanasia is promoted, and rapidly growing, in First World countries. Christian generations in the Middle East have been eradicated by Radical Islam with little but a worldwide yawn. Iran, yes Iran! is closer to a nuclear weapon. Gay unions, officially masquerading as marriage, are becoming a social norm. Illegal immigration is occurring at a record breaking rate, changing the demographics of the Western world…by design. Islam has dug its roots in the United States. Just look at Hamtramck (and Dearborn) Michigan. Socialism is alive and well in North and South America, not to mention Post-Christian Europe. Soon to be Moslem Europe. Military power is slowly, manipulatively, slipping from NATO (through the systematic actions of Obama), and is falling into the hands of OPEC, Jihadism, Russia, and China. And if that doesn’t wake you up, you are already dead.

Islam is basically animated by terrorism. Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism are basically benign spirituality’s on the world scene. Protestantism, in large part, has bought into the progressive agenda. And Catholicism, under Pope Francis, is wrestling with itself, like a dog chasing its own tail, crying to be like the world in non-Biblical/Traditional sexuality and marriage, and in a clergy and liturgy watered down with popular style and sentiment.

Arab-Islam is ruled by oil money. Women are just above the house dog. Europe is ruled by secular relativists. Christianity is below the house dog. China is buried in dirty air, dirty water, and nationalism. Russia is hungry for a return to power. South America is dirt poor, and is slowly being sucked up into the Obama illegal immigration zombie trance, ready to be converted into a new slavery from nanny state entitlements. The United States is past its prime, old and bloated through the design of the progressive.

‘Global warming’ is, ironically, increasing our polar ice caps. Moderate Moslems are a needle in a haystack. The U.N. is increasingly becoming a divisive organization. Western Christianity is becoming desiccated–African and Asian Christianity is growing. In the ‘brave new world,’ wars, terror acts, crime, persecution, genocide, eugenics, and government sanctioned agnosticism pervade.

And then there is the message of the Judeo-Christian prophets. The Book of Revelation. The Magisterium of the Church (not withstanding the attacks of the liberal clergy and ‘theologians’). The ‘Sensus Fidelium,’ if anyone even remembers what this means.

We know who wins in the end. But that’s not the point. Do we respect the suffering Christ endured so that we could imitate Him in Love? Or are we just lukewarm? Compliant to every regurgitation of ‘the powers that be?’ Pawns, who pray in secret, ready to ape the PC dance?

Where are we going?

God bless!

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