Syrupy Catholicism and the ‘bitter herb’ of the coming storm


Three types of American Catholicism contribute to the vulnerability of America in the coming ‘Perfect Storm.’

First, the three types of ‘Catholicism’:

Liberal, cafeteria Catholicism is more than a harbinger of disaster. It is a major source of fuel for its growing energy. Whether through out and out support for the ‘culture of death,’ or its support of militant homosexuality, or its blatant siding with a progressivism hostile to Catholic Theological Tradition (basically morality, marriage, and family), the liberal café Catholic, wittingly, or unwittingly, is a pawn strategically used (and abused) by an anarchic leftist movement hell bent on ‘fundamental change.’

And this ‘change’ is vehemently anti-Judeo-Christian to the core.

The second ‘Catholic’ group destroying the foundation of American freedom is the detached, naïve, non-Incarnate-spiritual optimist, especially detached from the Paschal Mystery of Jesus (and His Sorrowful Passion), and human history. This group forbids itself to see evil in the current ‘powers that be,’ trying with all their might to fit in with the popular culture. Though praying the rosary behind closed doors, with windows shut tightly, they are, in reality, ruled publically, and interpersonally, by Political Correctness.

These ‘Catholics’ are also pawns of the elitist regime.

Our third group of destructive ‘Catholics’ are the victims of radical feminism. These lady linebackers, with men’s crew-cuts, ‘nuns on the bus,’ team up with effeminate priests and bishops and preach a waif-like-Jesus who is not the Son of the Father, but the prophet of the mother goddess of nature, scientism, evolution, exempting masculinity–except if you are a lesbian linebacker sister of the revolution, against the imagined ‘patriarchal Church.’ Gone are the verses in Scripture that ring with good old fashioned semitic bite. They are now replaced (and evangelized, catechized, and politicized) with gender inclusive, watered down, progressive, and pagan liturgical lingo.

And now the coming ‘Perfect Storm’:

Obama, Kerry, and his radical progressive minions have recently carved out an agreement with the United Nations for a ‘police force’ to fight against ‘extremism’ in the United States. Going by Obama’s track record, it is not hard to see true Catholicism/Christianity, conservatism, 1st and 2nd Amendment supporters, and Pro-Lifers as the target of this coming persecution.

In Hamtramck, Michigan, Moslems are the ruling class, voted in by a majority of Moslem (American?) citizens, and naïve progressives. Like Dearborn, Michigan, this might just be an experiment that will necessitate a rapid plug pulling. After all, does anyone educated on the true theology/ideology of Islam really think that proponents of Sharia Law (violent and non-violent/political) can really co-exist in a Constitutional Republic? Time will tell. Storms are brewing.

Illegal immigrants flood in. Sanctuary cities abound. Guns, not crime or immorality, is the new enemy of the left. Hillary is warming up her gender politics machine. Barack is doing everything possible to stir up racial division in the United States while keeping our traditional allies under the thumb of Radical Islamic anarchy (see Syria and the influx of (?) immigrants).

The storm is coming. Traditional Catholics need to become a more forceful voice in the battle. A real conservative like Ted Cruz needs to be elected, and moderate Republicans must be banished from office. Hispanics (and Black Americans) need to see that the Democratic party is only whoring them, eventually killing their babies in abortion, their Christianity through governmental persecution, and their economic income through socialism.

And everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, and politics, must beware of the Jihadist scourge.

God bless!

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