Saints, cafeteria counterfeits, and elitist-spiritist mirages


What a saint is, is ultimately defined by God in Sacred Scripture, refined by the Holy Spirit in the spiritual battlefield of time, and recognized by Christ’s Church through canonization. But there are many saints who go unnoticed. And ‘Hagiography’ tends to whitewash and feminize even the most humble (from the root word humus=gritty, down to earth, real, and, yes, sometimes masculine).

Therefore, we can eliminate these popular imposters:

The cafeteria counterfeit saint is the activist, social worker, liberal lover of the exotic, masked as a compassionate caregiver of the immigrant, downtrodden, and persecuted. Though you may find them at rally’s and protests, seemingly arm and arm with the oppressed, you will also find that they are, quite often, fighting against the authority of either Holy Mother Church, or Traditional Family values. These ‘saints’ are high on activity while void of certain doctrine. They push for inclusiveness, compassion, and acceptance of certain ‘special interest groups’ while attempting to tear down either the great edifice of Catholic Tradition or societal foundations built upon Judeo-Christian family values. These pseudo-saints are holy against the death penalty but find no problem with abortion, euthanasia, and ‘gay’ marriage. These pseudo-saints romanticize Buddhism, Taoism, and every ism in the book, while despising the One True Religion. These pseudo-saints receive their glory while they’re here on earth, within the pantheon of secular ‘lords’ and ‘divas.’

The next group of pseudo-saints are the elitist-spiritist mirage makers.  These are the Ph.D.’s in philosophy and theology, and their suck up devotionally soaked minions, who condescendingly witness the everyday lives of Catholics and Christians who speak without overly using the word ‘frankly,’ who don’t try to impress with rarely used Latin phrases or theological terms last used in the Middle Ages, or who live real lives, with real concerns, and sweat, burp, fart, occasionally curse, care about politics, worry, complain, pray, doubt, believe, succeed, fail, suffer, rejoice, but tend to live their life in Christ, truly Incarnate in the Holy Spirit, in their own nitty-gritty individual way. The elitist-spiritist on the other hand, espouses the sanctity of ivory tower theologians, a soft-effeminate-diplomatic, and non-efficacious approach to both politics and the Papacy, and views sanctity as a spotless life void of slips in profanity, vanity, or the banal. In other words, an unhuman creature better resembling an angel.

Real saints, however, are judged by their heroic virtue. In other words they have to overcome a whole lot of crap, some of it their own! To the shock of the elitist-spiritist, real saints have burped, farted, sweated, and cursed. Real saints have failed, and, gasp, sinned. But to the shock of the cafeteria counterfeit, real sanctity is in faith in a real Christ, who taught us real and unchanging doctrine, leaving us real forgiveness and grace in real sacraments, thereby giving real saints the impetus to repent, convert, and live genuine holy lives, internally and externally.

Now, being a card carrying member of the crude, rude, self-expressionist society, I hope I haven’t offended the liberal cafeteria counterfeit, or the super de duper elitist-spiritist superstar. But if I have, I hope you can prove to me your sanctity by forgiving my littleness of spirit.

God bless!

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