The 7 deadly enemies of American Judeo-Christianity


The seven deadly enemies of American Judeo-Christianity are:

  1. Radical Islam (the Jihadist) has officially dug its snares into the flesh of American culture. Liberals, moderates, and naïve exponents of pie-in-the-sky-optimism would have you think that Radical Islam is just a reaction to Western ‘excess,’ and a chance at a slice of the ‘American pie’ will cure all that. But don’t believe the hype! Radical Islam is an ideology that will stop a nothing, to include cold blooded murder, to fulfill the will of Allah in Sharia Law, and a caliphate which rules over infidels, that is, if they aren’t exterminated. Isis, in the Middle East, gives us a picture of what happens to Christians and Jews under Islamic Law.
  2. The Illegal immigrant is the poster child of the compassionate liberal, set to change the world in progressive secularism. But don’t forget that these very same inclusive, compassionate progressives deny life to the unborn, and don’t give a hoot about Christian genocide overseas. Oddly, most illegal immigrants coming over the border are Catholic, or Christian. But to the progressives, they are fodder for entitlements, Democratic party membership, and their children, the second generation of the illegality of their immigration, are projected to be the spawn of atheist, secularist, progressivism.
  3. The left wing/lunatic fringe is direct/diabolic opposition to Traditional American values, based on Judeo-Christian tenets set by our founding fathers. This subset of American Judeo-Christian enemies includes liberals, socialists, racial anarchists, gender politicians, radical homosexuals, radical feminists, and left over Hollywood hippies. Some of them hide under the cover of calling themselves Catholic, or Christian, but, truth be told, Church Teaching, natural law, Sacred Scripture, Traditional Marriage and Family, God’s design for sexuality, and traditional social ethics are anathema to this wacko bunch.
  4. The Culture of Death is more than an abstract idea. It is alive in embryonic profiteers, radical feminists, and the Democratic party. Usually this is the group that espouses inclusiveness, and various human ‘rights.’ But one right they deny is the Right to Life for everyone.
  5. LGBT by any other name is a political and social machete utilized in hacking down Christian and conservative opposition to the progressive movement. Under the guise of respect for the gay American, this group is but a weapon in the political correctness tool box utilized by the left wing/ lunatic fringe to dismantle the Judeo-Christian foundation in America.
  6. The United Nations (with the exception of a few remaining allies) is united in one unconfused purpose. To neuter the United States in the utopian hope of a one world government/religion/philosophy/humanism/ideology. Their out and out enemies are whomever they consider radical. Unfortunately, Judeo-Christianity which is Pro Life, and Pro Traditional Marriage, in other words, genuine, is considered radical. Café Catholics and Christians are the only acceptable Christianity to the atheist-materialist-secularist, the Communist, or the Post-Christian United Nations member-state.
  7. Luke warm Christians, political moderates, and the uninformed, electronically dumbed down, American citizen, though probably of good and kind spirit, unwittingly plays into the hands of the enemies of Judeo-Christianity in America. Through their purchase of products, through their vote for the ‘compassionate’ liberal or gender politician, or through apathetic inactivity within a lack of knowledge, this group aids, through self destruction, in the downfall of American Judeo-Christianity. So, in one sense they are not enemies. But, in another sense, ‘those who are not for us are against us.’

God bless!

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