Why history and religion is more reliable than secular ideology


When reading books written by popular authors, please do yourself a service and peek at the back cover. Much can be learned by who endorses the book, if there is an endorsement at all. Similarly, before sending your child to college, find out who endorses the college, if any endorse it at all. And, of equal consequence, if you decide to eschew the library, or choose not to break a sweat in earnest research, picking, rather, the TV or Internet for your historical-philosophical-theological bearing, ‘viewer beware!’

Our society has become the scene of the greatest propaganda victimization in human history. With the information generation has come the ‘generation of useful idiots.’ With rampant technological distraction, ideologues of the far left have taken over.

In this progressive takeover, they have utilized two primary weapons.

The first weapon is ‘revisionist’ history. Recently, reading a book written by David-Christie Murray, entitled ‘The History of Heresies,’ I ran headfirst into a master of practiced ‘relativism,’ a master of revisionist history, utilizing all of the progressive tools of popular literature aimed at manipulating culture through manipulating truth. Mr. Murray placed doubt in a real Christian doctrinal ‘orthodoxy’ by presenting a muddled Christian history with a major emphasis on Post-Reformation Christianity. Mr. Murray deftly created a two-millennia Protestantism, eradicating the first 16 centuries of Catholicism. Consequently, by exonerating historical heretics through his imaginary creation of a Creedless, Tradition-less, non-Apostolic Church, he creatively opened the door to a positive interpretation of non-orthodox, cafeteria, radical Christianity as just one of many forms of true religion.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

The second weapon in the progressive arsenal is ideology over fact. This can be seen in so many different ways. Seen, if, and only if, the viewer wants to see the facts. Whether it is science triumphing for the Pro-Life cause, showing the full human DNA at conception, or whether it is an historian or a social scientist showing the positive society building effects of an intact nuclear family, built upon a heterosexual marriage, realists who base their thinking on objective truth are constantly rebutted, and defeated in the court of popular consensus, by ideologues who utilize the power of popular entertainment, the mainstream media, the cult of personality, and the tug of political correctness to secure ideology over fact.

The situation is so absurd as to become the national norm of the United States of America. We have a President, and a former Secretary of State, that win the day through non-factual lies. We have a Congress that whimpers to the command of the ideologue. We have a popular society that promotes every newfangled fad or fashion regardless of its societal dangers. And, worst of all, we have a Judeo-Christianity that reacts with lukewarm, politically correct compliance.

The results are socialism, proliferation of the ‘culture of death,’ economic mediocrity, relativism, cafeteria Catholicism/Christianity, moral indifference, demographic suicide (through illegal immigration and a contraceptive mentality), and a loss of significance in the world, of which the world suffers for it.

But then again, of the topic of which I have just written, how many really care? How many even know what’s happening?

God bless!

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