D is for Democrat, deception, death, and the demonic


Watching Hillary testify in front of Congress, one has to come to the conclusion that the Democratic party has completely given up on objective truth. Not only is this obvious in Hillary’s testimony, but it rings true in the deliberate protection, and support, given ‘the culture of death,’ especially manifested in the ‘kid gloves’ treatment of Planned Parenthood.

But the Democratic party has gone further than deception and death. It has championed the very spirit of the demonic:

The Democratic party is the pimp of the illegal alien which unwittingly whores their vote for the entitlements given to them for initial personal human survival. Never before in history has there been a political party so hell bent on filling their own country with undocumented, illegal foreigners than the United States Democratic party. The sole reason for Obama’s ‘fundamental change,’ and Hillary’s embrace of the Hispanic and Moslem population in America, is for political dominance through demographic change.

The basis for this political strategy is the demonic sin of vengeance.

Never before in history has a political party rejected the foundational principles which have made their nation great, with such intensity and malice shown, than what the Democratic party has shown toward Judeo-Christian principles, as echoed in such seminal documents as ‘The Declaration of Independence.’ With the federal funding of abortion, Judicially enforced gay ‘marriage,’ racial division manipulated by the President, Sanctuary cities for illegal immigrant (repeat) felons, euthanasia on the rise, and the HHS mandate for contraception and abortifacients, Judeo-Christianity is in the cross-hairs of the demonic.

The basis of this political strategy is anti-Christ(ian).

Never before has an American political party taken such a strong stance of animosity toward the nation state of Israel. Simultaneously, no American political party in recent, or distant, history has given such financial, military, and moral support to Islam, particularly Radical Islam. The failed Arab spring, which has become the Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorist winter–birthing Isis–is the result of President Obama’s foreign policy. And let’s not forget that Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State during this debacle. With what explodes the brain of the average American, the Democratic party protects radical Islam within our own nation!

(And let’s not forget the Iran deal).

The basis of this insanity can only be an odd-mix of stupidity, and the demonic.

Nobody with a shred of decency, sanity, and intelligence, can deny that the Democratic party is solely responsible (with the weak, wimpy, waif-like resistance of moderate Republicans) for the moral decay of our society. Hollywood is totally Democrat. The mainstream (misinformation) media is predominantly Democrat. Popular culture, in general, is predominantly Democrat. And the Catholic Church is, sadly, a majority of Democrats. No wonder our society is under siege from ‘the culture of death,’ the culture of racial division, and a culture no longer indifferent to Judeo-Christianity, but downright hostile towards it.

This is the ‘progressivism’ of the devil.

One can only surmise that D is for Democrat, death, and deception.

The 2016 election looms so very large!

God (of non-Democrat ideology) bless!

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