The Prodigal Son and the disobedient Catholic


As the Church deals with the problem of divorce and reception of the Eucharist, homosexuality (in inclination versus activeness), abortion, contraception, pornography, and all that affects the family, much can be learned from the parable of the Prodigal Son.

Pope Francis, along with more liberal minded clergy, has been focusing on Divine Mercy over particular sins, stating the perennial Truth that God’s Mercy, won through the Blood of Jesus, is stronger than any sin. But what has been missing is the realization that the Prodigal Father never went out to seek His son in the midst of his sin. Yes, in spiritual truth, the Holy Spirit always inspires the repentance, contrition, and confession of the prodigal son or daughter; but in equal truth, the Father of all Mercy, like the parables Prodigal Father, gives his child the room for the dignity of a free will choice.

Currently, Pope Francis, and many good hearted Catholics, want people of all stripes, and weaknesses, to come home to the Church. And anyone, no matter how messy their past, is welcome Home through the grace and Mercy abundantly earned through the Paschal acts of Jesus Christ.

Yet, there is a caveat revealed by the parable.

Mercy and Justice, revealed in the official teaching of the Church, go hand in hand. Respective of the current problems attacking marriage and family, this means that men and women actively participating in sin (abortion, adulterous relationships, homosexuality, etc.) must refrain from receiving the Eucharist and, moreover, repent of their sinfulness and obey the teaching of the Church in order to participate in the Body of Christ in sanctifying grace.

Allowing people back into full communion with the Church in the midst of their sin to the point of public scandal is a disservice to the Catholic Truth, and a disservice to the salvation of the soul of the sinner concerned. Scandal against doctrine is a scandal against the power of the Holy Spirit to evangelize. Scandal against doctrine is also a scandal against the Blood of Christ for salvation.

All people, no matter their past or their weaknesses, are called to holiness in the fullness of Christian Truth found in the Catholic Church. But this can only occur if Mercy is found where it truly resides.

In Truth.

God bless!

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