Imminent danger in the coming Moslem invasion of America


It is not a question of if, but when.

Islamic fundamentalists have figured out America’s Achilles heal. Moslem terrorists, and there are more than most people want to admit, know that America has grown soft. Just as the Roman Empire fell during the decadent reign of Caligula, with barbarians storming the city, so too is America on the precipice of destruction under the current Caligula, Barack Hussein Obama.

America’s weakness is evident in the odd-mix, oxymoron, of the all inclusive, compassionate culture of death. While ditching Judeo-Christianity, and the spirit of the founding fathers, the United States has become a cesspool of secular humanism bathed in relativism and progressive ideology. Our leader is full of shit. Our Congress full of ineptitude. And our land is full of entitled peoples. Racial division is the norm. And the compassion for the foreign and exotic rules the day while malice is turned toward true religion, the unborn, the patriotic, and the truly free.

Compounding this cesspool of social spirit is the lukewarm, status quo, Christianity of the day. A Pope who prioritizes his Pontification on ‘climate change.’ Bishops who are too timid to challenge progressives, radical homosexuals, licentious lawmakers, hell bent on eradicating American Judeo-Christianity, replacing it with the idolatry of a socialist utopia. And let’s not forget the fat, and happy, cafeteria Catholic–and many other Catholics and Christians–who prefer to deny the Truth, enabling the status quo through ‘private devotions’ void of any public outcry.

Enter the disciples of Mohammed.

The new Caligula, Barack Obama, purposefully has not enforced immigration laws, while buttressing Sanctuary Cities, for his goal of ‘fundamental change.’ While entertaining ‘clock boy’ at the White House, right after ‘clock boy’ visited a notorious Islamic terrorist, Barack Obama continues his ‘tour de compassion’ in inviting 200,000 Syrians into America. But we must remember, this is the same administration, regime, and cartel, the Obama group, which traded 5 killer Moslems for one American traitor. This is the same President, and entourage,   which has systematically destroyed any semblance of peace in the Middle East. This is a mob family, Familia Obama, which is responsible for 4 dead Americans in Benghazi, lying about a video being the cause of terrorism. On and on we can go.

Then there are the Islamic people.

Always hearing about the moderate Moslem, the paper tiger that will convert the Radical Islamist, all we see is Moslem atrocities every damn day. Beheadings, car bombs, shootings, rapes, crucifixions, vandalism of historical sites, and constant threats, the face of Islam is not a pretty one. Already in America, Moslems fight for Sharia Law in a Constitutional Republic. Already in America there are radical Islamic training sites, raising up Jihadists right under the government’s noses. Already in America Caligula smiles.

But why will Islam prevail?

Because Joe and Jane America is fat and happy. And, pathetically, Joe and Jane Catholic American is too easily duped into believing the progressive propaganda which pushes compassion for illegal, undocumented, aliens on our beloved soil. So the death of America won’t come from violence toward the world. It will come with the pathetic apathy Americans practice in the politically correct, Pavlov’s dog, knee jerk, kumbaya, acceptance of the unfriendly foreigner on our land.

Wake up before its too late!

Allahu Akbar is not the cry of Love!

It’s the last sound you’ll hear before your head is detached from your neck.

Fight or die. That is the only choice. Compassion can be exercised, in the name of Jesus, just as equally if we protect ourselves, our family, and our country. Foolishness isn’t synonymous with charity. Charity necessitates a scintilla of Wisdom. Remember: ‘Love your neighbors as you love yourself.’

Americans must Love themselves, and realize that Islam is not our neighbor.

God (of Jesus) bless!

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