Catholic ‘decentralization’ means Protestantism


Cutting through the b.s. of the Synod rumor mill, any talk of ‘decentralization’ is talk of the Catholic Church becoming Protestant.

Decentralization is code for ‘ignore the Pope.’ In progressive regions of the world such as Europe, Canada, South America, and rapidly growing parts of the United States of America, this ultimately means Catholic ‘democracy.’

This democracy has a code phrase.

The code phrase is: ‘a Church of local Synods.’

What this means in actuality is a German Church where gay ‘marriage’ is endorsed by German Catholic bishops for the purpose of inclusion. It means that Swiss bishops can endorse euthanasia for purposes of ‘mercy.’ It means that Canadian bishops can endorse abortion as a means for ‘women’s spiritual and emotional freedom.’ It means that the United States bishops can endorse the reception of holy communion for divorced people living in a sexually active relationship with another person.

In effect, if the bishops of ‘Timbuktu’ want to bless incest or bestiality, they can do so under the cover fire of a ‘local Synod.’

But this is not Catholic.

Yes! moderate (lukewarm) Catholics, knee deep in the rosary, rationalizing away all of Pope Francis’ questionable acts (and omissions) will state that I am being superfluous with my examples of what could happen.


With the Papacy as a final arbiter, and with our Church ruled by the Holy Spirit through Scripture, Tradition, and Magisterium, we still have German and Swiss bishops teetering on heresy! With the ‘one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church’ still intact, we have rampant progressivism attacking perennial Catholic Truth about marriage and family within the Synod on the family!

What would happen if we were to ‘decentralize’ our Holy Mother Church?

Better said, do we have the authority to do so?

Moreover, isn’t ‘decentralization’ a spiritual lie on par with gay ‘marriage’ or Protestantism in general?

What Pope, Cardinal, or bishop has the right to play around with the apostolic structure set in place by Jesus himself? Since when do the apostles have the right to wrestle the keys from St. Peter and change Church teaching based on the human principle of democracy?

The answer is, they have no right! and if they do, it is illegitimate!

The problem with Pope Francis–and I may go to Purgatory for ten gazillion aeons for this–is that he is, more, a gentle, kind, nice man, and, less, a figure of post-Pentecost Peter. The problem with moderate (lukewarm) Catholics is that his niceness is far more important than his doctrinal integrity. Because of this his South American view of the world is tainting the Church, in effect, tainting the world with progressivism, socialism, and the cult of personality.

The Church, if ‘decentralized’ will become a bunch of very huge national Protestant Churches headed by men, and maybe eventually by women or transgender persons, who ‘ape’ the office of bishop. If ‘decentralized,’ the ‘one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church’ will remain among the new ‘diaspora’ of ghetto’d Traditional Catholics, segregated from popular society by secularists, progressives, Islamists, militant-atheist-materialists, and cafeteria Christians worldwide.

The question is, will you be among the remaining few?

God–of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus–bless us!

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