Why the Synod makes ‘normal’ Catholics nervous


Many Catholic writers (bloggers/syndicated writers, etc.) will give you complex theological explanations for the controversies surrounding the ‘Synod on the Family.’ They simply do this to justify their own standing as a Catholic theological ‘guru.’

And it’s not necessary.

For the problems are simple.

And the solutions are even simpler.

The problems are problems of Biblical origin. The problems desecrating God’s plan for marriage and family come from original sin, concupiscence, and the unoriginality of the devil. Yes, I said the devil.

All of the contemporary threats to marriage and family ‘ape’ previous sins/apostasies/heresies/ideologies already experienced in human history. Gay ‘marriage’ is simply the song of the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Abortion, contraception, divorce on demand, adultery, homosexuality, pornography, masturbation, rampant popular promiscuity, and cafeteria Catholicism, are simply the libido, stupidity, and, not to mention, the lack of faith of the worshippers of the ‘golden calf.’

On the problem side of the equation, far too many Cardinals, Bishops, Pastors, priests, nuns, and brothers, not to mention a ‘legion’ of laity, have come down on the side of the serpent, and the ‘golden calf’ idolaters, for reasons of political correctness, social acceptability, and personal culpability which comes from human sinfulness.

Don’t count on all Catholic clergy, religious, and laity to be perfect. That’s why Jesus died on the Cross!

The solution is simple.

The Catholic Church is already the supreme dispenser of Divine Mercy in the sacraments, in grace which makes sinners saintly in charity, and in the gospel Truth, all flowing from the Holy Spirit, which permeates the hearts and minds of imperfect disciples worldwide.

The Church is already the protector, dispenser, and depository of all Truth concerning marriage and family. What do you think the saints, Fathers, Doctors, Popes, Ecumenical Councils, and holy theologians have been struggling with for over 2,000 years? Do you think that the Holy Spirit is ineffective? Did Jesus fail us?

That’s ridiculous and heretical!

The Synod can only be a true Synod if it speaks from already present unchanging Truth. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Period. Abortion and contraception kill. Period. Pornography, and socially promoted promiscuity, is mortal sin. Period. Divorce on demand is legalized adultery. Period. God forgives ALL sin. Period. But God then calls us to a life of holiness. Period. Homosexuality is a grave disorder. Period. People with homosexual disorders, however, who refrain from sexual activity for the Love of God can, by the grace of the Loving God, become saints. Period. Only the Truth counts. Period. Not everything some Bishops and Cardinals are saying is the Truth. Period. Some of it is the same old diabolical drivel from the Father of lies himself. Period.

If you go to Church, and frequent the Sacraments, read the Catechism, and get your information from Traditional/Orthodox Catholic sources, you can tell the Truth from the lies.

It’s quite simple.

The Synod is a meeting of the wheat and the chaff. The meeting of Truth, and the infiltration of lies. Catholic Truth, already present, abundantly answers all of the current problems of marriage and family. And even though the ‘gates of hell’ shall not prevail against the Church, there is the possibility the devil wins a battle through the ‘progressive’ weakness of the college of Cardinals and Bishops presiding at the Synod.

In the end, it is our responsibility as rank and file ‘normal’ Catholics to protect and promote the True Faith through the ‘Sensus Fidelium’ which will never change through the Will of the Almighty God.

Jesus bless us!

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