The liberal hierarchy of human value


Black people: On the top of the liberal hierarchy of human value is the African American (unless, of course, they are unborn or conservative). Other than being an embryo, or a conservative, the black man in America is the most cherished protected status group. With slavery as an ever present political leverage tool, and the ever increasing black on black murder rates in inner cities (cities run by Democrats), the black man serves as the proverbial victim of white oppression. Black women come in right behind the black man, though their peril as single mothers is rewarded with enslaving entitlements.

Hispanic people: Right behind the African American is the Hispanic American. Liberals are evil, but they’re not stupid! They know that the Hispanic American population is growing rapidly, and they have a fresh supply of Hispanic entitlement minions flooding our borders (illegally) every day. Sanctuary cities, no border fence, no laws enforced, Univision, democratic politicians, and a laxity in demanding that they speak English, make the United States a carrot for this horse. And the liberals are riding it every day.

Females: Woman power! ‘Women’s reproductive rights.’ Did Hillary forget to mention that she is a woman? Women are portrayed by liberals as barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen of the white male oppressor. Have they paid attention to all that women have accomplished recently?

LGBT-GAYS: Homosexuals are a useful tool in the liberal tool box. Besides pissing off conservatives while using the homosexual as a pry bar against Judeo-Christianity, this is yet another protected class which is utilized to win Democratic elections through the emotional tug for civil rights which, in reality, do not exist for a persons sexual preference.

Moslems: Funny, but the very people that would attack liberals first, persecute women, and kill homosexuals, are protected by liberals for being religiously persecuted by…you guessed it…conservatives and Christians. Moslems can behead the innocent and get a ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card from a liberal, but be a Christian and refuse to frost a cookie for a gay ‘wedding’ and you will be accursed!

Asians, and all other racial/ethnic minorities: When necessary, a liberal will take up the cause of almost any minority group. But Asians are low on the liberal totem pole since they are very successful in business, are socially respectful, and do not tend toward criminality–at least as much as blacks or Hispanics. They’re almost, dare I say, to a liberal, white.

Trees, birds, monkeys, insects, etc.: The liberal loves the animal more than some other human beings. Compare the plight of the unborn with the plight of many nearly extinct species that could be threatened by the possible oil pipeline coming from Canada. A frog near extinction is cared for and protected from danger. An unborn human person in the United States isn’t.

The persecuted Christian overseas: Liberals barely lift an eyelid to the atrocities suffered by Christians abroad, particularly in the Middle East.

The Israeli/Jew: Jews like Benjamin Netanyahu are the devil to a liberal. But get a slew of (non-believing) card carrying  progressive Jew’s together  with some liberals and you have one hell of a kosher beer blast!

Real Catholics/Christians/conservatives/gun owners: These are the enemy of the liberal state, the excommunicated from the cafeteria Church, the existential threat to the utopian society. Since they have not evolved, they must be bred out–like the English did to the Scots in the Middle Ages. Infiltrate their churches, schools, their entertainment, do whatever it takes! Liberals desire the death of this unprotected, persecuted group.

God bless us all!

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