The poster child for a sick America


A diagnosis of mental, and spiritual, illness can be pronounced on American society, simply by contrasting the freedom that American traitor Bowe Bergdahl will receive–from the politicized actions of the Obama administration–with the, still active, military dismissal of Green Beret Charles Martland who, by the way, protected an under-aged boy from the attacks of an Afghan (Moslem) pedophile.

In our sick society, Bergdahl, who is responsible for the death of 6 American soldiers searching for his deserters ass, is about to be given freedom, while Mr. Martland, acting out of good conscience, and protecting an innocent boy from such a perverted, and decrepit act, is shamefully discharged from the military.

America is cancerous.

We could look at it from the top, politically, or, we could look at it from the bottom…the cause of all American dis-ease.

From the bottom, physically, psychologically, and spiritually, America has become the land of flab, phlegmatic nature, and superficial activity.

Americans, in general, are fatter physically, more domesticated spiritually, and infantile emotionally. With technology, and the institutionalization of the metrosexual man, American men, and women, have become soft, wimpy, and unhealthy citizens, seeking out the magic elixir in personal fitness trainers, super nutritional supplements, fad diets, cosmetic surgery, and anabolic steroids. Dead are the days when people were tough enough to bust their ass and do it the old fashioned way! Fake boobs, fake lips, fake nose, fake tans, and chemically fake muscles represent the fakeness of the dis-eased physique of America. Heart disease, diabetes, and all sorts of maladies attack rich and affluent America, even down to the poorest of the rich.

Emotionally, America is infantile and phlegmatic.

Americans no longer communicate as well as their grandparents did. Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and I-phone buffoonery has isolated young (and older) Americans from each other, driving them deeper into the hole of the most uninformed generation in American history. Without prayer in school, or sound history for that matter, Americans have relied on popular television, movies, the mainstream media, and the Internet to educate them on philosophy, theology, history, and the ways of Constitutional ethics. The results have been disastrous, and a harbinger for a dark and dismal American future. Barack Obama, ‘gay’ marriage, socialized medicine, a spike in violent crime, racial discord nation wide, religious persecution from our government, the Judicial hijacking of the Institution of Marriage–and Family, our governments hand in increased unrest in the Middle East, an ever growing illegal immigrant influx–supported by sanctuary cities–rampant pornography, genocidal national abortion–federally funded, America’s weakened status as world leaders, 18 Trillion dollars of debt, a stagnant economy, and a wounded American psyche which, not withstanding a ‘pop’ surge from Pope Francis, prefers the religion of the ‘pop’ society over the gospel (morality) of Jesus Christ.

Cancer eats away at the American mind.

And its soul…

America has no trouble destroying defenseless babies, while protecting Arctic seals from extinction due to the threat of ‘climate change.’ Progressive Americans kill the baby over salad, while decrying the execution of a convicted mass murderer. Americans love the Moslem who, by the way, persecutes all of the ‘protected classes’ that liberals keep on their entitlement leash (women, homosexuals, our youth, minorities of every stripe), while persecuting Judeo-Christianity which, by the way, built the freedoms which progressives most cherish (freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, freedom of the press, etc.).

Americans want affluence, but are too stupid to see that a society built on quick sand will sink into the annals of history as another failed civilization. But affluence that lasts is built on integrity. And integrity comes from hard work, honesty, and sanity, which can be understood as living according to truth. And the Truth is that American rejection of Judeo-Christianity is suicidal. A suicide which is a slow death manifest in a diseased culture. ‘Gay’ marriage will only lead to an American demographic winter. Socialism will only lead to ‘crony’ government, and lazy society. Relativism, as witnessed in ‘progressive tolerance,’ enforced through political correctness only exacerbates racial and ethnic animosity. And progressivism, the ‘creme de la crème’ of American cancer, seeks for secularism, atheism, and a pop democracy which keeps lords and divas in power.

And the solution?

The painful chemotherapy of an American cultural revolution which takes no prisoners in seeking to reinstitute Truth as the American Way.

God (the Trinity) Bless!

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