When the Psalmist foresaw Barack Obama


We have an embodiment of Biblical evil in the current President of the United States. In unprecedented ways, Barack Hussein Obama has fulfilled the description of the evil man in Psalm 10.

“Fraud and oppression fill his mouth, spite and iniquity are under his tongue; there in the reeds he lies in ambush, to kill the innocent who no one can see.’ Verse 8


Never before have we experienced such an evil President. Through his many, and various, minions, he has lied to Americans in order to force universal-socialist healthcare on a formerly free nation. He has lied about his dealings with Iran, putting the future of the United States and Israel, not to mention the whole middle east at stake. He has lied about his past, he is lying about our present, and he will lie about our future.


The HHS mandate, working in an evil communion with the Supreme Courts Unconstitutional ruling about ‘gay’ marriage, is insidiously creeping around the neck of Judeo-Christian Americans. Slowly but surely, true Christianity will become a hate crime. Even if this doesn’t come to fruition; even if Americans suddenly wake up and elect a Constitutional conservative, no one with a shred of honesty can deny that the Obama goal is the suppression of Judeo-Christianity in America.

Spite and iniquity.

‘Black Lives Matter’ is a fungus which has grown from the racial division which President Obama promotes…with zeal, I might add. Every incident of citizen versus police, whether or not the police are right or wrong, is utilized by this President to plant the seed of ‘racial oppression’ and hatred of ‘white’ authority. Protected by political correctness, and the ‘legion’ of American weenies too wimpy to criticize this historical figure, the ‘Teflon Don’ of racial division proceeds with his plan of social malice. Dealing with iniquity, President Obama has torn the American family to shreds with ‘gay’ marriage, the denial of the true reason for the epidemic of black on black crime being fatherless inner city families, and the reinforcement of his Hollywood, and mainstream, minions in promoting the glory of the promiscuous lifestyle.

‘…in ambush, to kill the innocent’

Barack Hussein Obama is, numerically, the premier abortion President. He is, moreover, the most aggressive President in funding and protecting both Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry worldwide. Barack Obama, also, in pushing hard for gun control restrictions, and possibly gun confiscations nationally, sets up progressive mouse traps where innocent human beings are targets for nuts, terrorists, and criminals without a means of reasonable self defense. And, as seen recently in California, Obama is on the cutting edge of the fresh and reinvigorated euthanasia movement.

‘Peering and prying for the out of luck, lurking unseen like a lion in his hide, lurking to capture the poor man, the poor man seized, he drags him away in his net.’  Verse 9

Americans are on a downhill slope, slipping on banana peels, with a threshing machine at the bottom of the hill, ready to chew them up. Thanks to Mr. Obama. Illegal immigrants (aliens of our nation entering illegally) are welcomed by Obama, regardless if they kill innocent Americans (see Sanctuary cities), only to become pawns of the entitlement system, solely for the purpose of becoming Democrat voters. Americans are sacrificed to the reverence of Mohammed, Allah, and radical Islam, all in the name of political correctness. National security is secondary to the ‘reverence’ due to Islam. Obama’s pitter-patter attack of Isis (as compared to Putin’s sledgehammer approach) and his crooked dealings with Iran are proof of this.

1st Amendment rights are being shredded by the threshing machine of Barack Obama. Don’t bake a cake for a gay couple…go to jail. Speak your mind like Ben Carson and get vilified by progressive weirdo’s exercising their psychotic tolerance. 2nd Amendment rights will eventually have to be exercised by force of will. Obama and his henchmen/women are coming for our guns.

Artificially, Barack Obama has changed the demographic and ideology of America for a very long time. With the influx of illegals (emphasis not on Hispanic, but illegal) and the welcoming of ‘practicing’ Moslems, not to mention the numbing and dumbing of our youth, Barack Obama has made four protected classes in America: Black, Hispanic, female, and LGBT. That is, in the case of the first three, as long as you aren’t a Republican Conservative. Being the white man is being the new ‘nigger.’ Prejudice, under Barack Obama, has not been obliterated, just flipped upside down.

After all, this is a Presidency of revenge and oppression.

God bless! (The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob…and Jesus)

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