How to commit national suicide

This combination of file photos shows Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton(L) and US President Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton may have distanced herself from President Obama's foreign policy, but he doesn't seem to have taken it personally: the two are due to attend the same soiree on Martha's Vineyard on August 13, 2014. The White House told AFP both the US leader and his wife Michelle were

Step One: Slowly succumb to the idolatry of foreign continents.

The United States has fallen in love with fallen Europe. Americans have adopted many of Europe’s suicidal tendencies, and glorified them as new freedom. The first suicidal freedom is freedom from Judeo-Christianity. As witnessed to in last night’s events, the Oklahoma legislature voted to remove the ‘Ten Commandments’ monument from state grounds.

This is symbolic of the new United States.

By removing the powerful symbol of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, incarnate in Jesus Christ, the new United States is detaching itself from objective truth, particularly objective morality.

And this opens up the can of worms that we currently crawl within.

Relativism, and subjectivism, rule our nation. Democracy has become unhinged from the Constitutional Republic. Consequently, no one has the right to be born anymore! Death is the dealing of the people in power, people with money, influence, and ‘special interests.’ Euthanasia–the killing of inconvenient people such as the elderly, the infirmed, and the disabled–has become the ‘mercy’ of the masses. See Governor Brown and the State of California.

Step Two: Destroy the family as revealed by God and nature.

The family is no longer what God and nature intended. Marriage is now a joke! Men marry men so that they can ease their conscience, as they sodomize each other to the melodies of Lady Gaga. Women marry women so that they can fulfill the vision of women created by such pioneers of femininity as baby-killing-Margaret Sanger and truth-killer-Hillary Clinton. Divorce is now a norm. Pornography is as accessible as the public library. Contraception is not contra convenience, it is contra responsibility, thereby, the medicine of choice for our nation. Children are ‘educated’ about sex, but forbidden to learn about religion…unless it is Islam!

Step Three: Destroy legitimate freedom.

Our Constitution is nothing but a cheap piece of paper which progressives use to line their bird cage. 1st Amendment rights are now torn asunder as the Supreme Court Jesters remake God’s Sacrament of Marriage. Free speech is neutered by political correctness which exercises its power through economic advantage and disadvantage. Freedom of religion is now threatened by the Nazism of the militant homosexual and the militant secularist. 2nd Amendment rights are being threatened by gun grabbing progressives who seek a martial law which dominates true Christianity and patriotic conservatism by force.

Step Four: Fill our land with unpatriotic haters.

The land which used to welcome the immigrant seeking opportunity, where the immigrant became an outstanding American citizen, is being replaced by the land which welcomes law breakers, drug dealers, human traffickers, Islamic Fundamentalist terrorists, and ethnocentric haters who do not want to learn to speak English, follow the law, and become Constitutional Americans.

Step Five: Elect, ordain, and inaugurate the anti-Christian American.

America has elected a vile, smug, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Israeli, anti-Constitutional, anti-family, President in Barack Hussein Obama. America has also ordained progressive bishops, priests, nuns-on-the-bus, and a progressive horde-laity which bows to political and social pressure when push comes to shove. In effect, Catholics cower behind their rosaries instead of facing the beast head on. In effect, we have inaugurated the age of the progressive lord and diva in our homes, in our hearts, in our minds, and in the future of our children.

It’s time to take back our country!

Choose wisely. You can be a shepherd in proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ, in inevitable persecution. Good Choice! You can choose to be the sheep and cower behind your rosary and acquiesce to social pressure. You can choose to be a wolf and support the progressive powers that be. Or you can be a sheep dog like me and fight.

God bless!

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