The Pope needs to step up for Life, Family, and the Sanctity of Marriage

Pope Francis lifts up the chalice as he leads a vigil mass during Easter celebrations at St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican April 19, 2014. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi

Enough with the politics!

Enough with the rhetoric!

Enough with the deceit.

We will have that in full after the Pope leaves our great land. What we need is the successor to St. Peter, the Vicar of Christ on earth, to state in bold, clear, and definitive terms, that life begins from conception and ends in natural death, and anything that terminates life, like abortion and euthanasia, is a grave sin.

Yes, he said it before. But he must say it again!

He must also state that marriage is solely between a man and a woman, and any other union of human beings does not constitute true marriage in the eyes of God and His Church.

Yes, he said it before. But he must say it again!

He must also make a definitive statement on the vital importance of the family for the stabilization of civilization, and the sanctification of souls. Parents should be able to raise their children free from governmental intrusion. Children should count on the fact that they live in a society which promotes, and aids, the keeping together of the family unit. Divorce, contraception, pornography, and popular promiscuity are the enemy of the family. A society hostile to the family is hostile to itself. Once again, the culture of death must be denounced in its attack on marriage and family.

Yes, he’s said it before…but he must say it again…this time with power.

None of the above are overtly political.

All of the above are overtly Catholic.

The Pope is an intelligent man. His advisors are also intelligent. Therefore, they have no excuse before God Almighty to pronounce unequivocally–at the perfect time in our nations history–that government funds must never fund the culture of death. While he’s at it, he must remind America that her greatness rests on religious freedom, among other freedoms. He must warn the American government that God’s eyes are upon those who try to usurp that freedom.

Never once mentioning a political party, this Pope can leave a lasting impression on our nation if, and only if, he stands firm in the faith and proclaims the Truth like he is summoned to do in the Light of Christ.

God bless!

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