The liberal Catholic ‘Theory of Everything’

This image released by Focus Features shows Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking in a scene from "The Theory of Everything." (AP Photo/Focus Features, Liam Daniel)

‘In the beginning was the Word’ and it was compliant to the god of progress within popular consensus.

The liberal Catholic is an odd creature that incorporates ascetical dynamism with atheistic materialism in a whirlwind of emotion driven by the winds of the popular deity, found within the cult of personality, in the Temple of social acceptability.

For the liberal Catholic, God is as real as it gets. The Creator God is ‘Mother,’ in nature, in the unfolding of our universe, possibly from a multiverse, within ‘God’s’ Cosmic Creativity otherwise known as evolution. God the Son is Incarnate as the wonderworker, in the form of a pacifistic social-worker, fed up with the Patriarchal, ultra-mundane-morality of the Pharisees of all ages. Jesus is the eternal relativist within all of us, freeing us–in his holy spirit of tolerance–spreading love for all, in ‘any old which way but loose.’

For the liberal Catholic, Christ’s gospel is a gospel of peaceful licentiousness. ‘Love the one your with’ and ‘do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight’ are the entrance antiphons to the Mass of confusion known as liberal Catholic faith. Consequently, the Eucharistic host has been replaced by the contraceptive pill, and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has been replaced by the sacrifices of ‘the culture of death.’

The priest is no longer in ‘Persona Christi.’ Rather, he, and they hope, she, will be a cheerleader, and CEO, incorporated in the cause of socialism, liberation theology, radical feminism, radical homosexuality, and the culture of death. The religious, particularly nuns (usually on a bus to hell), are to crush the humble witness of Mary the Mother of God, resurrecting a perverted deity in a short haired, quasi-masculine, radical-female witness to Jesus.

The new laity, within the perversion of the true meaning of Vatican II, and the diabolical twisting of ‘the new evangelization,’ seek the papacy of politicians such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (and possibly Donald Trump) to advance the apostate (which they claim to be the apostolate) of the utopian heaven on earth, where ‘gay’ is happy, and death to others (eugenics) brings fulfillment and freedom for themselves.

Why else would the environment be so important to the liberal Catholic? (Not that it isn’t important to the Traditional minded Catholic). Yet, it is supreme on the mind of the liberal pseudo-disciple because there is no heaven for them but on earth. And to dishonor the ‘Mother’ is to dishonor the supreme deity.

Apologies to Stephen Hawking, who chose to be an atheist. But to the baptized Catholics who choose to deny the real God while worshipping the golden calf of their own making, as the ancient wording goes…anathema to you.

But in the end, the real danger isn’t the willing path that these pseudo-disciples have chosen. After all, they are exercising their (the real) God given gift. What really makes this a tragedy, however, is the diabolical-evangelization, and distorted-catechesis, they give to the newer generations born to this world.

That is, if they are allowed to be born at all.

God bless!

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