An uncomfortably Catholic reality check


‘Comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable.’ Authorship debatable.

Many good and faithful Catholics do not trust Pope Francis, not because of irrational conspiracy theories based on ‘the last Pope,’ but on the simple fact that he tends to raise the decibel level of his voice when engaging in ‘progressive’ issues, becoming an official mouthpiece for anti-Catholic propaganda, while preaching to ‘the choir,’ in a more sedate manner, concerning the evangelization and the protection Catholic Truth.

Many good and faithful Catholics do not trust the College of Cardinals, or the ‘collegiality’ of bishops, though they still trust the Holy Spirit. Cardinals such as Cardinal Kasper, and the ‘fancy pants band’ of German Theologians, have made it their unholy mission to deconstruct Church Teaching concerning, marriage, family, and the right to Life. For far too many Catholics, the USSCB, at times, seems like a fraternal order of comfy men detached from the real life threats to Catholic faith in America today. More immigration talk? More environmental talk? Do they live in the same country as us?

Catholics in the pew can no longer look with the eyes of solidarity toward their Catholic brothers and sisters concerning the articles of the faith, or a common understanding of Catholic morality and ethics. After two predominantly Pro-Catholic votes for Barack Obama, can anyone rationally argue this point?

Catholics can no longer look within our society for ‘social justice’ since this truly Catholic concept has been hijacked by progressive ideologues, many of whom are baptized ‘Catholics.’ Cafeteria Catholicism is probably the greatest threat to true Catholicism in America today, as prominent Catholics such as ‘nuns on the bus’ and Nancy Pelosi, not to mention a bunch of Catholics in the Senate with a ‘D’ after their name, have been major forces in the proliferation of the Culture of Death in America.

Catholics can no longer trust that their message isn’t perverted, or simply smothered, by thousands of baptized Catholics educated in ‘Catholic’ Universities who currently hold positions in the main stream media and in journalism.

Catholics can no longer trust that other Catholics of good faith really care–with truly apostolic zeal–for their personal and salvific plight as true charity in actual Incarnate ‘blood, sweat, and tears’ has been replaced by Facebook best wishes and I-phone blessings.

Hopefully, in the midst of your romantic ‘pie in the sky’ Catholic devotion this afternoon, you will be afflicted with some harsh reality, and comforted in knowing that God overcomes all our real, and daily, shortcomings with Love.

God bless!

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