The GOP debate from a Catholic perspective


CNN moderators: Jake Tapper and crew seemed more interested in starting small fires in hopes of creating a blazing inferno of Republican rhubarbs. For the most part the Republican nominees sniffed this political tactic out. But in the end there were a few skirmishes caused by this cheap trick. The CNN moderators also seemed quick to switch candidates whenever a Republican candidate went on a diatribe against President Obama. For the most part the CNN moderators lost control of the show which was run by the Republican participants.

Grade: D-

Rand Paul: Re-revealing his isolationist techniques, and his absolute comfort with legalized marijuana, Mr. Paul was an afterthought.

Grade: F

Mike Huckabee: Mr. Huckabee is a quality person of Christian faith. It seemed that the CNN moderators strategically avoided him in small part. When Mr. Huckabee was questioned, he answered solidly. Nonetheless, this was not his best night.

Grade: C

Marco Rubio: Marco Rubio is a passionate defender of the Constitution, a defender of the Pro-Life movement, and a strong proponent of the 2nd Amendment. Last night he displayed a fire not previously seen in defending the nation of Israel, and laid out a strong witness to his vision concerning foreign policy.

Grade: A-

Ted Cruz: Ted Cruz might as well have been the plague. Mr. Cruz’ conservatism made him a target of CNN moderators as they avoided him at all cost. But when they had too, Ted made a strong account of his conservative values.

Grade: B

Dr. Ben Carson: Mr. Carson is class personified. But, just maybe, he has too much class to shine in a barroom brawl atmosphere orchestrated by the CNN liberals. Mr. Carson’s strength is in his logic. But reason seems to be a fleeting commodity in politics.

Grade: B

Donald Trump: He is the proverbial ‘style over substance’ candidate. Mr. Trump is like the high school quarterback in a room full of cheerleaders. No matter what he does, it is so cool. Last night he laid an egg. But to his followers it will appear golden.

Grade: C

Jeb Bush: Jeb is carrying the weight of his brother George, while trying with all his might to squeeze out a gnat of conservatism from his moderate behind.  Though more energetic, he is too lame and wimpy to be President. Then again, who’s wimpier than Obama?

Grade: C+

Scott Walker: Scott Walker appears a bit stiff and robotic and relies too much on his past history waging war with union bosses. He doesn’t seem as passionate as other candidates concerning social issues and issues concerning offences against Constitutional rights.

Grade: D

Carly Fiorina: Carly is surely Presidential. She is also an impassioned witness to the dignity of women and is the strongest witness to the dangers that lie ahead in a Hillary Presidency. With all that, she seemed to be steamrolled at times during the debate.

Grade: B+

John Kasich: Throwing a Hail Mary at the end of the debate, John Kasich picked Mother Teresa to be on the 10 dollar bill. Mr. Kasich appeared too accommodating to the enemies of conservatism, exemplifying a moderate political temperament all too similar to the Republicans currently in office. Mr. Kasich appears too weak and accommodating to be President in this rough, unfair world.

Grade: D

Chris Christie: Chris was a ball of fire! Defending the middle class with sincerity, and passion, Mr. Christie took his campaign out of the tank and placed himself in the middle of a long race.

Grade: B+

God bless!

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