Is the Church upholding ‘the truth’ and keeping ‘it safe’


In certain circles of ‘orthodoxy,’ you’re not supposed to criticize the Pope. Obviously, when the Pope is orthodox in faith certain liberal circles annihilate the successor to Peter every chance they get. Certainly our faith is founded on obedience. But our faith is also founded on criticism.

As long as the criticism is true, and charitable.

Look at all the prophets. Look at St. John the Baptist. Look at Jesus’ criticism of the Pharisees and the religious leaders of his time. Look at St. Catherine of Siena, and look at the Papacies of JPII and Benedict XVI in response to misinterpretations of Vatican II and subsequent liturgical and moral aberrations.

So, it is fair to ask if the Church is fulfilling its role as described by St. Paul in his first letter to Timothy: ‘…in the Church of the living God, which upholds the truth and keeps it safe.’

The Pope has written an encyclical on the environment…God’s green earth. But in the words ‘God’s green earth’ the progressive Western movement has only noted ‘green.’ Though the Pope has spoken numerous times on the sanctity of marriage, between a man and a woman, and proclaimed God’s demand for ‘the right to Life’ it has been drowned out by a main stream media, and pop culture, which has turned the Pope’s message into a progressive mantra for more ‘fundamental change.’

Likewise, whatever really happened with the Bishops and Cardinals concerning ‘the family’ within Synod walls, and beyond, we can only hope for faithfulness to the Truth in the Holy Spirit. For all of us, the regular Catholic, the last to be informed, it appears that liberals such as Cardinal Kasper, and his renegade of ‘fancy pants’ gressives have hijacked the gatherings.

And the President has set up an ambush for the Pope.

It has been officially revealed that when the Pope visits the President next week, the Pope will be greeted by Mr. Obama, a gay bishop, a transgender (?) person, and a pro-abortion nun. But then again the Pope will be visiting New York  and Washington, not really getting the sense of the ‘sensus fidelium’ of American Christianity, since he will be visiting urban areas in the Northeast of the United States, hotbeds for progressivism.

So, the question is, ‘Will the Church, once again, uphold the truth and keep it safe?’ Yes, I know and believe that the ‘gates of hell shall not prevail.’ But that is a game ending result. We’re in the middle of the game people! Therefore, the Pope must utilize his holy bully-pulpit for traditional marriage, the right to life, the evils of abortion, persecuted Christians in the Middle East, religious freedom, while, hopefully, squeezing these messages within his probable tomes on the environment, openness to immigrants (illegal ones too), and the evils of greed (capitalism).

And the Synod, I pray–like most (but not all) of the historical meetings of Cardinals and Bishops–was not already hijacked by heretics and progressives bent on perverting the Truth.

But only Time, and the Holy Spirit, will tell.

God bless!

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