The serpent’s ass speaks…


When Pope Francis meets with President Obama next week, the Catholic cafeteria will be unleashed upon the (unsuspecting?) Pope.

For the Pope will meet with Obama’s vision for ‘Christian’ America. Obama’s guests will be openly ‘gay’ Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, senior fellow at the American Center for Progress, dissident Catholic nun, Simone Campbell, pro-abortion leader of the ‘nuns on the bus,’ and Mateo Williamson, a transgender ‘man’ who co-chairs the Transgender Caucus for Dignity USA.

There will be no Catholic priests, representing the Church harassed by HHS mandates; and no representatives for American business owners harassed in a similar manner. There will be no representative for Pastor Saeed Abedini, forgotten in the Iran deal. There will be no representative for the American Christian, offended, and robbed, through the Judicial hijacking of traditional marriage. There will be no representatives for the parents of daughters who are given governmental permission to take ‘the morning after pill.’ There will be no representatives for Kim Davis, Kate Steinle, or for the nation of Israel.

But the room will certainly be filled with the souls of aborted babies, terminated, and torn apart, during the Obama Presidency–funded with his blessing.

The father of lies has often been portrayed Biblically, and artistically, as a serpent. The anal sphincter is a, sometimes, noisy orifice which emits waste products.

If the serpent had an anal sphincter it would emit the odious waste of:

Abortion on demand; gay ‘marriage’; federal funding of abortion worldwide and Planned Parenthood nationally; ‘morning after pills’ for teenage girls as young as 14, without parental notification; an HHS mandate which attempts, often unsuccessfully, to force religious groups and private businesses to pay for contraception for their employees; forced socialized medicine; the strengthening of radical Islam; the subsequent blatant ignoring of Christian persecution in the Middle East; the anti-Catholic entitlements system, which goes opposite of the Catholic principle of subsidiarity; stirred up racial division; fiscal irresponsibility which mounts astronomical national debt; the manipulation of a weak economic recovery which demoralizes the American people, and keeps the poor on the government dole; the fostering of political correctness for illegal immigration for the sole purposes of increasing both Democratic voters, and entitlement participants; and, basically, moving America toward a totalitarian, atheist-materialist state.

The Pope, in turn, can choose to be diplomatic, as when he received a ‘sickle and a hammer’ Crucifix from a South American leader, remaining relatively silent in response, or he can go John the Baptist on the serpents ass.

‘This blog doesn’t seem very Catholic to me.’

You are correct to say that if you think that Catholicism is a purely passive faith, expressed by an effeminate, ‘kumbaya’ response. Certainly there is a feminine aspect to our faith since God made both man and woman in His image and likeness. But then again, women like St. Catherine of Siena spoke ‘truth to power.’ Resignation, to the Will of God, and revolution, in the Will of God (see John the Baptist, Joan of Arc, Jesus turning the Temple tables, and St. Catherine of Siena) are both fitting–as the Spirit demands.

Only time will reveal the Pope’s response. Meanwhile, Catholics of the traditional bent should consider a little revolution prior to the Pope’s visit. Chime up the noise through picketing, prayer vigils, and social media explosions, and make the serpents ass sweat.

God bless!

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