What the Cross can teach us about ‘pop’ perception


If Gallup ran a poll among ‘voter eligible’ Judaens, Pharisees, Sadducees, Zealots, Herodians, Romans, and visiting Gentiles, about the validity of Crucifying the Nazarene, who, by the way, claimed to be the Christ, odds are it would reveal that they were largely in favor of ridding his nuisance.

But God, thankfully, is not trendy. And neither is Truth.

The Cross stands as a reminder of this.

What I’m trying to say is that the ‘trendy’ thing was to kill the Christ. And what I’m also trying to say is that God works through our ‘trendiness’ for our salvation. The Cross is a witness to this.

But this is no excuse for the Catholic/Christian ‘lockstep’ which is witnessed by so many ‘trendy,’ politically correct, uninformed, progressively shaped Catholic and Christian minds in America.    {Lockstep=Nazi march}

It is fascinating, in a morbid way, how many baptized Christians are permissive of so many modes of ‘progressive’ thinking. Throwing away two thousand years of Wisdom in Tradition, sound philosophy, and natural law, many baptized American Christians prefer the knowledge of the popular culture, the majority persuasion, and an improper reading of science and history.

Catholics/Christians, born of the Cross, should know better.

Catholics/Christians have been blessed with the Church which inspired the first scientists, and the beginning of the University system. Excluding the Galileo debacle–which is often exaggerated, or incorrectly portrayed–Catholicism has always been a fellow truth seeker with science. Well then, how can so many Catholics not see the beginning of life at conception, when it is scientifically verifiable? How can Catholics not see contraception as contra conception? Contra Life? How can any Catholic rationalize abortion? It’s not religion…its science!

The world has proclaimed gay marriage as the eighth sacrament. But history bears witness that every civilization–which was civilized, and lasted–held marriage solely between a man and a woman. The major religions, moreover, see marriage solely as a heterosexual union. But aside from marriage, doesn’t nature and common sense point toward the penis and the vagina as not only compatible, but natural, in complementarity, and life bearing. {Without going into the theological, and experiential, naturalness of the complementary unity the of a man and a woman, I hope a person of common sense can see the simple truth of my crude example.}  The Catholic Church, moreover, teaches that homosexuality is a sin. This is not, however, a clarion call for persecution of the person with a homosexual tendency. God loves everyone, including the homosexual. And we are to do the same. It is, rather, a call to call black, black, and white, white. Sin is sin. Wrong is wrong. Unnatural is unnatural. The quacking duck is a duck, even if society calls it a red herring!

But that would take faith, common sense, and courage. All fleeting commodities in America today.

Last night I watched about ten minutes of the Miss America contest. {I hate the Cowboys and the Giants (NFL), so I channel surfed}. The girls were beautiful. But they weren’t exactly future Rhodes scholars. Coincidentally, in the final phase of the contest, certain questions were selected to pick the 7 finalists. The seven questions were about 1) Hillary Clinton, 2) Gun control, 3) the Kentucky clerk and gay marriage 4) Planned Parenthood, 5) the ignorance of Donald Trump, 6) Black Lives Matter and prejudice cops, 7) and a fluff question about ‘deflategate’ and Tom Brady. This should surprise no one, unless you are extremely naïve, and the girls parroted the politically correct, progressive, answer for each of these questions. Yes, its only the dopey Miss America contest. But, it’s also truly representative of the way our popular culture feeds the propaganda, which we, as good minions of the ‘new truth,’ must swallow, with eternal gratefulness to the ‘powers that be.’

The power of God, however, in Christ, said ‘no’ to the worldly ‘powers that be’ in Jesus’ Gethsemane ‘yes.’ And the Cross is the most powerful ‘yes’ to Truth, and the most powerful ‘no’ to the current trends which have no foundation in rational thinking.

May the Cross be at the center of your life.

God bless!

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