The unholy sacrifice of the clown ‘Mass’


Last night I took a walk in the cool of the night–a rare thing in S.W. Florida, made possible right after a rain storm–and I began to think about how some realities in life have been robbed of their true meaning.

One of them is violence.

Violence gets a bad name. It has a bad reputation, and is displayed nowadays as totally evil. But not too long ago, when our nation was more God fearing (but far from perfect), the perspective on violence took on a more balanced approach. In the holiest of books (Sacred Scripture), there is an abundance of violence. Violence even has a ‘time and a season.’

Violence is, dare I say, even a blessed necessity.

Does anyone of right mind curse a Marine or a Navy Seal for defending our country against terrorists? Does anyone, for that matter, curse a military Veteran for ridding the world of the Nazi scourge? Did Jesus condemn the Centurion for being a Centurion? Sorry if I’m not using questions chronologically! Do (decent) people curse police officers who use force (correctly) to defend the innocent? Isn’t there a Just War Theory? Is it morally wrong to protect your family, your home, and your property, from thieves, thugs, terrorists, home invaders, rapists, corrupt government, and downright nasty people?

Could Jesus really have been a pacifist waif? Do you really think that 1st century Jewish fishermen, one tax collector, and one zealot, would have dropped everything to follow a metrosexual hippy?

What I am trying to ask is, ‘do Catholic men have to be effeminate to be real Catholic men?

Another thing that has, sometimes, lost true meaning is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

When reflecting on masculinity, and gender roles, and the loss of meaning through the curse of relativism, I have to think back to the post Vatican II farce of the clown Mass. Priests dressed up as clowns to appease children (and their parents?). And lets not forget the ‘pizza’ Mass.

This morning I went to Mass in a Church across town. After the Scripture readings the priest gave a homily about how we must grow out of being ‘Catholic’ (defined as knowing all the questions, and all the answers), in order to grow up as ‘Christians.’ To further push his point that true Christianity has less to do with knowledge, and is really all about ‘love,’ (actually it is more about syrupy emotion), he had a recorded song sung by children played over the loud speaker. It went something like this, ‘Jesus loves me and I know it in my heart.’

This went on for about 7 or 8 minutes.

Great for 8 year olds, but this was not a children’s Mass. Let’s add that one of the readings for today came from the Book of James, which inspired this priest to say ‘and we had a reading from James, which, by the way, never mentioned the name Jesus.’

Well, remember when I questioned the meaning of Catholic masculinity? Masses like this, with messages like this, portraying a sugary Jesus like this, they are the problem. Where is the holy sacrifice of the Mass in all of this clownery? You wonder why some priests and laity have lost the true meaning of Catholicism? This is why!

Clown Masses. Clown spirituality. Counterfeit Catholicism.

If you want to be a progressive, be a progressive. It’s still (kinda) a free country. But if you want to be Catholic, please, by all means possible, be Catholic!

God bless!

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