Popular sin, and the sandy foundations of death


‘When the river burst against it, it collapsed at once and was completely destroyed.’ Luke 6:49

Aside from the Church, the number one target of the devil is the intact family. And when I mean family, I mean father (man), mother (woman), and child(ren).

{This is not a knock against single parent families, or families where grandparents or aunts and uncles or relatives raise children for unfortunate, and legitimate, reasons.}

What I am speaking of is the devil’s attack on marriage and family. And his attack is waged with the weapons of popular sin. Yet, the reason the devil succeeds is ultimately found within the heart of the human person, in original sin and the propensity for concupiscence.

In other words we are weak, needy, and vulnerable to lies.

So the devil works through our pride, lust, anger, hurt, envy, greed, malice, and whatever else we fall from, through every means available to him/us through our pop society.

{Notice I said him/us. We sin…the devil doesn’t make us do it! The devil is real, but what is truly devilish comes from the sinning human person.}

Pornography is a means where spouses are split in the demeaning of the human person in mere sex acts. Through the viewing of pornography, and associated masturbation, the spouse finds other ‘concubines’ to fill his, or her, needs and no longer looks at their real spouse in normal, healthy ways, but seeks ‘perfections and perversions’ either unattainable or undesirable to their partner.

In other words, they want a ‘hottie’ who does bad things.

Rampant promiscuity, divorce on demand, contraception, abortion on demand, and the faulty representation of the ‘nuclear family’ on TV, and the big screen, have further weakened the soil beneath the American family foundation.

But, in the end, Americans have chosen for a sandy foundation over a life built on the Rock of Christ.

This is proven in divorce statistics among Catholics (and ‘Christians.’) This is proven in abortion statistics. This is proven in the percentage of Sunday Church-going Catholic parishioners. This is proven in the twice-done Catholic vote for Barack Obama. This is proven, though no one will admit it, in Catholic consumerism involving porn. This has been proven, sadly, through the priestly sex scandal.

{I am not letting ‘Christians’ and people of other faiths, or no faith at all, off the hook! All of America is saturated in popular sin. All of America is building on sandy foundations.}

The solution…Rock.

But the solution hurts. Addictions to porn, and the ‘habitus’ of sin are realities which are painful to relinquish. Paradoxically, virtue is a burden when you let Christ carry the load–or, at least that what it seems at first. Remember, building on the sand of popular sin is swift in immediate gratification–even if it makes you miserable in utter emptiness. Building on the Rock of Christ–even though it brings persevering peace and joy–involves the reality of Cross.

Cheap pleasure kills!

Eternal peace and joy often Crucifies.

But there is no equal measure to the Resurrection of a persons integrity, sanity, and faith, hope, and charity. Families can be saved, and reconciled, solely through the paradox of building on the Crucifixion of the Rock.

For only on Rock will we find hope, and perseverance, to overcome temptations to popular sin which will only lead to death, personal and familial.

God bless!

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