Why wimpy Christianity wallows in the shadow of the culture of death


“In the fog above the cities the Golden Calf shines,

The defenseless crowds race to offer the sacrifice

Of their own children to the bloody screams of Moloch.

In the air, fear, a lament without words:

Since a desire for faith is not the same as faith.”

Excerpt from: ‘An Ode for the Eightieth Birthday of Pope John Paul II’ by Polish Poet and Nobel laureate Czeslaw Molosz  May 16th, 2000

The intensity with which ‘Pro-Choicers’ rip apart babies bodies, like ripping apart a cooked chicken to dig into a delicious bite, should force the question of whether we are matching intensity, with intensity. For Western Christianity, for far too long, has been the wimpier of two forces fighting the spiritual battle, with temporal and eternal consequences, which is the most important battle in human history.

Truth be told, while real-live-tiny-defenseless-innocent-viable-ensouled-human-babies are being smashed, ripped, twisted, sawed, crushed, vacuumed, punctured, and treated worse than a piece of chicken, Christians go home to their comfy surroundings confident in their prayers, in the picketed pep rallies, and in the inspirational speeches of their lay leaders, clergy, and politicians.

And the next day ‘health care workers,’ many of whom have sworn the Hippocratic Oath, return, with much enthusiasm and energy, to their diabolical vocation, and continue to smash, crush, rip, and annihilate real-human-innocent-viable-boys-and-girls-sons-and-daughters-citizens-and children of God.

The devil’s intensity is palpable.

But, in return, Christian intensity is laughable.

Just imagine that, instead of unborn, unnamed, babies without a face, Planned Parenthood was killing your mom and your sister and your Boston Terrier. Imagine the intensity then! Your righteous indignation wouldn’t allow you to sleep! You wouldn’t just picket Planned Parenthood, you would run like the wind to your Congressional Representative and pound on their door demanding immediate action. You would be willing to be imprisoned. You would vote with a Christian conscience burning with the heat of a furnace enflamed with the Justice of the Holy Spirit.

America would feel the scorch of true Christian virtue.

Instead, Planned Parenthood picketing, and protest, is a part time endeavor, fit in between ball games and movies and feel good parish activities. Instead, we have a Pope who will spend just as much time on the hugging of trees, the loving of butterflies, and the salvation of the Polar Ice Cap.

Meanwhile, the devil and his (or her) minions, Legion, for they are many…to include Catholics and Christians…live their intensity to the fullest. For society is saturated with the methods and the message of the culture of death. Movies, Internet, television, news, politics, popular entertainment, the educational system, department stores, the bedroom, and the dinner table–and dare I say the pulpit–have received the demonic impulse which is ruling our nation at this stage in history.

The devil’s message is so powerful that the message that I am currently writing will taste sour to the spiritual intuition of the average American Christian, raised on political correctness, rationalism, and the prevailing pop culture.

So, today, while you read this, remember that some innocent baby is being ripped to shreds to the giggle of the monstrosity of a ‘health care’ worker. Meanwhile, what are we doing right now?

God bless!

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