The absurdity of ‘law and justice’ in America


Today was truly a revelation in the absurdity of ‘law and justice’ in America.

White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, just another talking head, defended a federal court Judge’s decision to jail Kentucky clerk, Kim Davis, for denying gay marriage licenses due to her faith conviction. Mr. Earnest (oxymoron?) claimed the importance of ‘following laws’ in a just society.

Spare me a minute while I vomit.

While Mrs. Davis serves time for breaking a ‘law’ both immoral in the eyes of God, and unconstitutional through its Judicial hijacking, Mr. Earnest’s boss, President Obama breaks Constitutional law, or at least stretches it to breaking point, through Executive orders. Let’s also consider Hillary Clinton’s responsibility in Benghazi, and her flippant actions as Secretary of State in regards to her e-mail activity.

But the absurdity is even greater.

Today was also a revelation of the absurdity of ‘law and justice’ in America in a silent, but deadly way, and in the power of the American sin of popular social idolatry. Today, while politicians crossed our nation to visit multiple cities, touting ‘law and justice’ in America, thousands of unborn babies were either killed, or killed and butchered for profit in Planned Parenthood concentration camps. But a majority of Americans were more interested in seeing football star, pretty boy, Tom Brady being exonerated of cheating. One wonders if this is just a warmup for Queen Hillary.

Speaking of warmups, will Kim Davis be the first of many American Christians to be jailed for following their faith conviction, and listening to God within their conscience? Will ‘law and justice’ continue to slant heavily to the left, affording the rich and famous, the progressive and the popular, to decide who lives, who goes to jail, and what kind of discipleship we can practice in public?

If this isn’t a clarion call for change in the direction of sanity, Constitutionality, Judeo-Christianity, and faith-and-reason, I don’t know what is. Dear fellow Catholic, and Christian brothers and sisters, the harbinger of national disaster is among us. Yes, God is victorious in the end. But He wants us to get off of our rear end and battle with Him!

Prayer, the sacraments, evangelization, and the 2016 vote…we can’t make another mistake. Our national life is at stake.

Salvation is now.

God bless!

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