‘Thou shalt not kill’ and the American murder machine


‘Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.’

What about being fooled multiple times?

Our society is drenched in lies. It is saturated in the lie of the ‘evolving man.’ It is such a pathetic lie that I can’t even mention the ‘evolving man’ without feeling the guilt of misogyny and immediately, and compulsively, adding the ‘evolving woman.’  Supposedly, we are entering into a new era of humanity where we are inclusive, and respectful of all people, regardless of their ‘lifestyle’ choices. Coupled with the communications and technology explosion, and the advances of biological pioneering that we see, we are supposedly entering into ‘Star Trek’s’ new frontier, the land where human reason brings heaven to earth.

But I am sure the ancient advertisers, main stream media, and left wing propagandists, of the Old Testament said the same thing about the Tower of Babel.

Yet, all we’ve got ourselves into is another tired rerun of the adventures of ‘Cain and Abel.’

It was revealed today that murder rates in most major cities in America are on the rise. Certainly more cops are being killed. Racial division is rising faster than our national debt. Abortion mathematics keep ticking up. And ‘black on black’ crime continues to a chorus of ‘pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.’

But the solutions to the problem defy common sense and Judeo-Christian sensibilities. No one seems to care that the violent streak in American society comes from the beginnings of life. Starting with contempt for the unborn, we see a strategic disintegration of the American family in divorce-on-demand, contraception, rampant popular promiscuity, and the unnatural option of gay marriage. Add a heavy dose of easy-access-violent entertainment, single parent families, a lack of education, unemployment, and you have a parental vacuum filled by thugs, gangsters, and crooks. Add an educational system which has stripped itself of prayer and religion while hooking itself up with the lie of relativism, not to mention a low level of teacher efficacy, and you have ill-prepared, vulnerable, and malleable targets of ideological and criminal predators seeking disciples.

But blame the gun!

So they take the guns away. And as Chicago proves, guns don’t kill as much as evil intentions do! Blame it on conservatives, religion, and the cops. And as all inner cities prove, voting predominantly for Democrats (really progressive and socialist), you see Planned Parenthood killing black babies in astronomic numbers, you see predominantly single parent families with low educational levels and high unemployment, enslaved in entitlements, with rampant black on black violence, and guns galore, all purchased illegally.

Cain killed Abel because he turned his back on God and played God himself. The same is happening today. ‘God is dead’ cried Nietzsche. Nihilism is the father (or for PC purposes the androgynous parent) of the current ‘culture of death’ in America. Normally when we say ‘culture of death’ we think abortion and, maybe, euthanasia. But now Pro-Life forces in America must turn their attention to black on black violence, violence against cops, violence perpetrated by illegal aliens against American citizens, and violence perpetrated by terrorists on our soil.

And to be truly comprehensive in a Catholic way we must not forget the suicidal.

The answer is obvious. It is not in gun control or shrinking our military or immigrant amnesty or increasing tolerance of Sharia Law or appeasing Iran. It is meeting God on His terms. It is promoting, by every way possible, family unity, in a mother and a father. It is improving our educational system. It is improving black lives, which really matter, by defunding Planned Parenthood, and legislating opportunity, both educational and economic, in impoverished neighborhoods, thereby building self-esteem through exodus from the slavery of entitlements and entrance into the workforce. It is voting for leadership which abhors racial division and builds upon unity in the solidarity of a common cause, namely the common good.

But none of this will ever happen unless Catholics and Christians break free from the comfort of the status quo. To conquer the enemy, we must divest ourselves of social comforts associated with the system as is, and put on the battle gear of faith in action. Pro-Life must be Pro-Life. We must not sit on our couch and root for the TV protagonist of good while we munch on yummies. We must get off our ass and join the battle.

Voting, picketing, letters to the editor, praying, going to Mass and the Sacraments, writing a book, witnessing at a town hall meeting, running for office, reconciling our family (if possible), breaking Political Correctness to pieces with compassionate honesty, evangelizing through acts of charity, suffering persecution while standing firm in our faith, these are the answers to the problem of violence in America.

What’s your take?

God bless!




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