Cutting through the ‘bull’ like St. John the Baptist


Jack Nicholson, portraying a Marine officer, once said, ‘You can’t handle the truth.’ Jesus once said, ‘The Truth shall set you free.’ St. John the Baptist lost his head revealing both truths.

I once attended a diocesan ministry program in which nuns taught with an Enneagram. In this program, Pope John Paul II was regularly mocked for not acquiescing to the popular demand for women priests. A PhD literally cursed me out for defending womanhood through the words of G.K. Chesterton. Jesus’ birth narratives, as found in the gospel, were doubted for historicity. The devil became a mere Hebrew linguistic device. So forth and so on.

When I complained about the program’s lack of Catholicity, and faithfulness to the teaching of the Church, I was labeled a ‘crank.’ Subsequently, I’ve never been able to find employment within my own diocese.

‘You can’t handle the truth,’ is a truth only a frustrated, isolated, rejected prophet can understand. The sad truth is that most Catholics reading this are all too comfortable to be prophetic. Only a wild person, wearing the camel skin of loss and rejection, eating the locusts and wild honey of humiliation and grief, can understand the state of the People of God at any moment.

Jesus never saw so clearly as he saw from His Cross.

Let me see if I can lose my head…

The Pope speaks all too much about the trees and the flowers and the bees, and doesn’t speak enough, in definitive and undeniable terms, about the reality of human life beginning at conception, and ending in natural death. He is also too indefinite on his defense of traditional marriage, the family, and religious freedom.

All too many Bishops and Cardinals are a bit too soft and effeminate to be effective in this hard, cruel, and ruthless world. As academics, without a history of busting their ass in the real world, they have remained all to silent while way too many of their flock have fled the pasture. Cafeteria Catholicism has been tolerated way too much.

Homilies never speak the ‘truth to power.’ It is sad when ‘religion and politics’ are never spoken of at the family dinner table. It is even sadder when they aren’t addressed in Church. What I mean by politics is the way that our society is run. Jesus railed against the politics of the Pharisees. St. John the Baptist railed against the politics of Herod. Where are pastors of parishes railing against the politics of the culture of death? There is no railing. Only effeminate talk of ‘huggy and kissy’ Jesus. And you know why?

They’re afraid of losing their head!

I know that I am a sinner…and a hypocrite. But so are so many Catholics running diocesan programs all the way to, and through, the Vatican Curia. ‘How dare you say that’ you shout! Do you realize that during the Papacy of St. John XXIII, and Pope Paul VI, and even in the early years of John Paul II, a substantial percentage of the ‘Curia’ were informants for the Russian KGB and the Polish SB. Look it up. The Truth shall set you free.

This doesn’t mean that the gates of hell have prevailed over the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. Heck, Judas was the first informant. What it means is that we have fallen from grace on a regular basis, becoming worldly and secular, practicing relativism instead of Catholic reason, allowing the culture of death, and the creeping totalitarianism of socialism, to infiltrate and obliterate our way of life.

In the Book of Revelation Jesus bemoaned the lukewarm ‘faith’ of the churches. This is the condition of the Catholic Church in the Western world, whether we like to hear it or not. Whether we ‘can handle the Truth’ or not. Whether we believe that ‘the Truth shall set us free’ or not.

Have I lost my head?

God bless!

P.S. Please pray for help in my unemployment…and for those like me.

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