The advantages of being a well armed Catholic


The major fallacy that to be Catholic one must be a pacifist is annoying, and insulting, to many red-blooded American, yet fully faithful Catholic, men (and a growing number of women). The 2nd Amendment, after all, is a right congruent with human dignity, and a responsibility bestowed upon a law abiding, God fearing, peace loving citizen, and disciple of Christ.

‘Thou shalt not kill’ never meant ‘thou shalt not defend.’ And just as Jesus honored the peacemaker, he also defended the honorable Centurion. Remember, we live within spiritual warfare. ‘Principalities and powers’ move men and women, created for good, to perpetrate evil on other men and women. Yet we’re also an Incarnate faith, and that means that our battle with evil isn’t just in prayer, in virtue over vice, but also in defending living breathing humans, born and unborn, from persecution, terrorism, thuggery, and whatever evil devices humanity will concoct in these days of perverted technology and practical knowledge.

A few more thoughts might solidify my argument.

We, as Catholics, are emboldened, and called to action by the ‘Just War’ theory. Our great nation was, after all, initiated by an embattled ‘Tea Party’ act. Slavery was abolished, moreover, with no small donation of the blood of brave men (and women) during the Civil War. And just because many of our Cathedral Crucifixes are bleached white, as not to offend, doesn’t remove the fact that Jesus won our salvation by overcoming violence with the battle tested strength that can only come from heaven.

Personally, I own four guns. I have never shot anyone, nor have I entertained the idea. The 2nd Amendment, therefore, was created to protect the law abiding citizen from behemoth government. And behemoth government we have! The socialist, and the progressive, will promise utopia if we rid our nation of those nasty guns. But as a Catholic we know fully well that Cain didn’t need a gun to kill Abel.

Murder, as is sin, is in the will, more so than it is in the instrument used.

We would be better served to bring back prayer to schools. To defund the real genocide in our nation perpetrated in the rouse of ‘women’s reproductive rights.’ We would be better served if we started enforcing our laws, becoming a nation of rules, laws, and ethics again.

Everyone wants the Eucharist, but nobody really wants confession.

What I mean is that America wants the easy way out…blame guns, blame Washington, blame a certain race or gender, blame China, and so on. But our nation must come to a true confession. We are a ‘culture of death.’ We are a culture that glorifies violence, and glorifies the bad guys (and gals) in our pop entertainment. We have lost our religion, and become a pure democracy (or mob rule), where willy-nilly is more important that tradition, faith, and sanity.

Our nation has had many great years with many great guns. But our greatness wasn’t found in guns, or no guns. It was found in the fact that we were a nation of faith, a nation of integrity, and a nation of truly practiced, though not always perfect, Justice.

Guns, need not go. Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the nation, yet they have the most gun violence. What must go is the progressivism within our nation that destroys families (especially African American families) through divorce, lack of education, abortion, entitlements, the powerful propaganda of popular promiscuity, and the immense drug flow that comes across our unprotected border from Mexico, and South and Central America.

In effect, what must go are philosophies and ideologies such as atheistic-materialism, nihilism, radical feminism, radical homosexuality, socialism, relativism, scientism, and progressivism, which lead to the devaluation of human life through the demythologization, and legislative persecution, of the ‘Imago Dei’ in everyone.

The taking of our guns would be the travesty of repeated history. Hopefully, Americans, particularly Catholics, will realize that ‘gun control’ always leads to more violence in totalitarian rule.

In my humble opinion God gave us hearts to love, minds to know His Truth, and fingers to pull the trigger if needed.

St. Michael, protect us against the devil, and give us courage to defend the innocent when it is God’s Will.

God bless!

What is your take?

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