The Pope’s visit to America: a timebomb or a resurrecton?


When Pope Francis visits America this fall, there will be hopeful people of all sorts. There will be faithful Christians who pray that the Pope speaks out against the prevailing ‘culture of death’ in America. They will hope that he decries the injustices of the Obama administration through their Judicial hijacking of the Sacrament of Marriage. And they will hope in a Pope who criticizes, heavily, the bonds of religious oppression subtly placed on people of Judaeo-Christian faith in our once great nation.

Then there will be the hopes and aspirations of those who would love to hijack, and propagandize, the Pope’s visit to America. In their hopes the Pope will speak like a Catholic behind closed doors in ‘preaching to the choir.’ But in public they want the Pope who proclaims the merits of ‘global warming’ and the evils of consumerism. I’ve written about this before and hope to avoid a scientific/pseudo-scientific argument over the merits of ‘global warming.’ But truth be told, it is a major financial boon for the progressive movement, the same movement which kills unborn babies and shackles religious freedom. ‘Consumerism,’ moreover, though a reality that every Catholic should avoid, and resist, through the alternative reality in the virtue of charity, is just another progressive ploy at deconstructing a free market society and replacing it with the ever failing scourge of socialism.

So, what right do I have, a two-bit blogger from Podunk, to pre-criticize the Pope’s possible message to America? Every right given to me through baptism, which makes me a responsible, capable, child of God, and an indispensable member of the Church. And let’s not forget Confirmation. In the Holy Spirit, I, and you, have the prophetic responsibility to tell the Truth, even when it hurts. The prophets did, and they were stoned and sawed in half by the ‘religious elite.’ And many saints, like St Catherine of Siena, had the holy audacity to speak ‘truth to power’ in the Spirit of charity.

So my challenge for the Vicar of Christ, from my precarious little position on the bottom of the hill, is that he boldly denounce all evils, especially those perpetrated by the most powerful in our nation. As a South American man, formed in the South American mentality, Pope Francis must weigh his ecological message and find it secondary to the message of the ‘right to life’ and the ‘right to religious freedom.’ He must overcome his prejudice against capitalism, and reject the totalitarian tendency of socialism, even the creeping democratic style.

In the great history of the Catholic Church, moreover, Pope Francis must destroy political correctness in the only correctness necessary for the transmission of the Truth, the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I, and many others, will be listening with baited breath. What will we hear?

God bless!

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