The Queenship of Mary and faulty temporal impostors


Mary is our Mother through the expressed Will of Jesus, on the Cross, as He directed the ‘beloved disciple’ to take Mary as his mother. Mary is our Queen since Jesus is our King and, as the Jewish Messiah, the King’s Mother always reigned as Queen. But there is a deeper theological reason than this. Mary is Queen because she is the model of the Church, a ‘type’ in which her loving obedience will never be surpassed in any other disciple of Jesus.

Mary’s Queenship, therefore, is the God-graced-template for true Catholic discipleship. It is a template for both men and women since Mary exemplified Christian virtues attainable to both, expressed appropriately through their distinctive genders. These qualities are obedience to God, humility in every act of the will, courage in the face of challenge, compassion for all, prayerfulness, charity in self-sacrifice, intercession to the Lord for others, perseverance at the foot of the Cross, fellowship in awaiting the Holy Spirit, and a Life-giving ‘fiat.’

Society, however, proposes a different kind of queenship.

Temporal queenship stresses division in gender politics. This queenship drags itself down in imitation of the rude, crude male kingships of the world. This queenship touts the benefits of ‘the culture of death’ in a pseudo-ownership of their own body, to the detriment of the ’embryo.’ This queenship thinks nothing of selling itself sexually for monetary profit. Not necessarily prostitution, but offering the female body for viewing pleasure and popular success. This queenship thinks nothing of it’s terrible witness for young girls, even pushing contraception, condoms, and ‘the morning after pill.’ Ultimately, this queenship is the enemy of the traditional family, pushing for gay marriage, divorce, abortion, contraception, and the ‘popular’ portrayal of sex as purely recreational.

Subsequently, the Queenship of Mary is always in a spiritual battle with the bride of ‘the father of lies.’ Yet, the Church, in modeling Mary’s Queenship, as the Bride of Christ, will only prevail in the Marian obedience of her humble discipleship.

God bless!

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