Our Catholic pews are full of wheat and weeds (darnel)


It is no surprise that the Church is full of sinners. Christ came to save the lost. I am certainly one of them. And, truthfully, any living-breathing human being is a sinner to a certain degree at various times in their life. This is not a statement about the reality of fallen human nature in light of the Savior. It is, rather, a statement about intentional, unrepentant anti-Christ-ian activity within the Body of Christ, manifested within His Church.

Within the powerful social fervor which pushes Americans to accept all people, regardless of their ‘lifestyles,’ there has been a powerful reforming of the American Catholic consciousness toward a plurality of equality within the scope of personal morality and social ethics. While Catholics go on repeating the truth, ‘Love the sinner but hate the sin,’ what they really mean is that they must accept the sinner and their sin publicly, while rejecting it in a purely private and inward ‘spirituality.’

Subsequently, Catholic Church parking lots have vehicles with ‘Obama’ bumper stickers, revealing their social support for the most Pro-Choice, anti-Religious Freedom President in American history. Heck! Catholics, who receive communion on Sunday! are a large part of this anti-Catholic administration. From Kerry to Biden to Pelosi to Sebelius (the HHS lady), Catholicism has been dragged through the muck at the highest of American Executive and Legislative, not to forget Judicial, levels.

From Catholic politicians, and millions of Democratic-Catholic voting minions, Planned Parenthood has received its federal funding to continue its annihilation of ‘innocence.’

But the travesty continues.

Our Pope, with his heart aligned with Love for God’s green earth, and his South American distrust for capitalism, has come to the fore in defense of ‘global warming.’ Decades will have to pass before this pseudo-scientific, fully political, debate, is solved in finding definitive answers. Yet, ‘Abracadabra,’ our Pope has reinforced the economic income for another progressive generation, in green energy and the overregulation/taxation of American business.

So what’s so evil about green energy?

Green energy fills the pockets of progressives who fund the Planned Parenthood killing machine, along with funding anti-religious-freedom thuggery.

And this all leads back to the Catholic pew.

Repentance, and confession, certainly washes away the greatest of sins in the Greater Divine Mercy. And I am, most certainly, not instigating finger pointing from the pew…for I am too experienced in personal Pharisee repentance for that. What I am calling for is the realization that there are demons in our midst. And their minions, fueling baby genocide this very minute, along with their calculated attacks on religious freedom, and genuine suppression of Catholic morality, are receiving the Eucharist at Catholic Mass on a regular basis.

Yet, only God can judge. Only God will Judge. But mustn’t we discern? Shouldn’t we do something about this? Shouldn’t the weeds at least be called to task? Shouldn’t the wheat be protected?

God bless!

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