(Not) all American babies are created equal


The Bible states, in unequivocal terms, that God loves all His children unconditionally. The Catholic Church teaches that every human being–born, and unborn–is unique and unrepeatable, and has the fullness of human dignity, deserving of our respect, as those who bear ‘the image and likeness’ of God. The Declaration of Independence declares ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ for all citizens. The Civil Rights movement, and the subsequent charters in the United Nations, echo these sentiments.

Why, then, don’t all babies in America receive equal treatment?

The answer is in philosophy, theology, and anthropology.

Philosophically, some babies are deemed inferior. Though eugenics sounds like a science, it is really another of the many perverted human philosophies. The ‘beloved’ Margaret Sanger detested African Americans, Jews, and other minorities to the point of setting up a foundation dedicated to the eradication of the babies born of these races, faiths, and ethnicities.

Planned Parenthood is a baby born of extreme prejudice. It proves on a daily basis, often in gruesome ways, that not all babies are deemed equal in America.

Of equal prominence in the sad American reality of selective baby birthing is the pseudo-theology of progressivism, socialism, and radical-secularism…all children of atheistic materialism.

But how does this relate to theology?

Because all three of the above pseudo-religions have dogmas and doctrines that are held in faith. Progressivism, socialism, and radical-secularism, always coinciding, and currently in American fruition, have birthed movements such as ‘Black Lives Matter’ and have protected and nurtured their baby–the culture of death–in slogans such as ‘women’s reproductive rights.’ Resulting from the social chaos this causes, all lives lose relevance when compared to the lives that represent discipleship to these dead religions. Politically, and sociologically (see the subsequent racial division), ‘all lives’ don’t ‘matter.’

Anthropologically, for the progressive, the socialist, the radical secularist, and the disciple of the culture of death, the social/public banishment of God is the cultural banishment of the ‘image of God’ in all babies. Babies are now measured by their practical value. ‘Anchor babies’ are viewed as potential Democratic voters and vital children of entitlements. The mercy withheld from unborn babies butchered by Planned Parenthood is mysteriously extended, in heavy doses, to ‘anchor babies’ by those who tout progressive ‘social justice.’

Catholics, Christians, and people of good will, all of us who call ourselves Pro-Life, must soldier on in the greatest fight in our nations history. We must fight harder, with greater ingenuity, unceasingly, and prayerfully, until the ‘culture of death’ is fully eradicated.

Victory may not come in our lifetime, but this must not stop us. The Body of Christ must fight until all of God’s enemies–with our major enemy being death– is eradicated in the glory of Jesus Christ. Then God will be ‘all in all.’

God bless!

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