Putting a face on our progressive nemesis


When socialist Octavio Paz described the behemoth state, he unwittingly described the monster he so wished for in his quest for social justice. He described his savior, which is really a demon, this way: ‘It’s reality is so enormous that it seems unreal; it is everywhere yet it has no face. We don’t know what it is, or who it is.’

The problem with Octavio’s description is that it is the usual construct of a liberal mind not in tune with reality. The utopian society he desires becomes a monster as the ‘savior’ state becomes an angry, surly, selfish Goliath.

Americans in the Obama era, however, know how to put a face to this monster.

This monster is the daily national newscaster who denies the reality of Planned Parenthood atrocities while decrying the death of Cecil the Lion.

This monster is the politician who ignores millions of responsible gun owners while pointing to the lone psychotic butthead, who kills for no apparent reason, and then rails for gun control.

This monster is the buffoon ‘Rhino’ who promises conservative reform until he, or she, arrives in Washington to succumb to the monetary sway of special interest groups.

This monster is the Catholic priest, or the Protestant pastor–though they are fewer–who show up around election time to endorse Pro-Choice, pro-socialist Democrats.

This monster is Barack and Hillary.

This monster is the feminist movement that claims ‘women’s reproductive rights’ in order to butcher their own children.

This monster is the popular activist that promotes transgender restrooms in public places, military subsidy for transgender soldiers, and the legitimizing of homosexual marriage.

This monster legalizes marijuana.

This monster enters into the domain of parenthood, and the local school system, and hijacks the public educational system.

This monster is the IRS, DOJ, Supreme Court, and the Presidency, running amok, antagonistically, to the Constitution.

This monster kills unborn babies, destroying the definition of life in a semantic soup of ideological shit-stew.

This monster speaks PC.

This monster destroys small business with regulations galore, and straps the middle class with socialized medicine.

This monster riots, tearing its own cities down in the service of ‘Black lives matter,’ all the while fighting paper tigers in law enforcement, while supporting the progressives, unwittingly, who enslave them.

This monster divides by race.

This monster devalues the American dollar, shuns international allies, and is too cowardly to call Radical Islam by name.

This monster hugs a tree while devaluing human dignity in the name of radical environmentalism.

This monster despises Christianity, while going to Church on Sunday. This monster, moreover, constantly finds ways to destroy 1st Amendment rights.

This monster is in the breast of every American by way of the cancer of efficient progressive propaganda.

This monster desires open borders and would lovingly give sanctuary to an illegal immigrant felon, even if they wind up killing an American citizen.

This monster cannot define the difference between the Democratic party and socialism!

It’s time to slay the monster!

God bless!

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