Revealing Obama’s need for ‘useful idiots’


During the Republican Presidential debate on Thursday evening, Dr. Ben Carson spoke of the Democratic parties, and particularly Barack Obama’s, dependence on Marxist thought. Dr. Carson raised the thought of the Democratic parties utilization of ‘useful idiots.’

Far from liberating the dignity of individual human beings, the Democratic party, and particularly Barack Obama (and by association, Hillary Clinton), utilizes a demeaning Marxist strategy of using, and abusing, the poor for the purpose of self-aggrandizement and ideological supremacy.

Have you ever wondered why Barack Obama, in claiming to fight for a fairer America, overregulates, and suffocates, small business, many of whom have minority ownership, and minimal income, while championing the rights of those on entitlements and those easily provoked to violent social outbreaks (i.e., unemployed, single parented, inner city black male youths)?

The answer is that he isn’t seeking to help the poor as much as he is seeking ‘useful idiots’ to advance his political agenda. Right from the mouth of Karl Marx we have proof: ‘The lower middle class, the small manufacturer, the shopkeeper, the artisan, the peasant…they are all not revolutionary but conservative. Nay, more, they are reactionary, for they try to roll back the wheel of history.’

In other words, minority people, and poor people who do not seek a progressive revolution, but just seek a better standard of living, and are willing to work peacefully for it, are not on Obama’s side.

Also, aside from his Executive orders, Judicial gangster-ism, and Obamacare hucksterism, Barack Obama does not want America to experience an improvement in the economy, or any other measured standard of living, unless it comes with a victory for his socialist ideology. That is why he writes un-Constitutional Executive orders into reality, that is why he has hijacked the Supreme Court, and that is why he has popularly neutered Congress and the validity of the GOP–with the lame, cowardly compliance of so many Rhino’s!

Proof comes, once again, from the mouth of the Russian-socialist philosopher Nechayev: ‘The government itself might at any moment (the Congress, or a future GOP President–parenthesis mine) come upon the idea of reducing taxes or instituting similar benefits. That would be misfortunate, because  even under the present terrible conditions (conditions created by Democrats in hope of a revolutionary reaction–parenthesis mine) the folk are slow to rise. But give them a little more pocket change, set things up even one cow better, and everything will be delayed another ten years. And all our work will be lost. On the contrary, you should use any opportunity to oppress the people…’

That is why every act of a psychopath with a gun is utilized to oppress the 2nd Amendment. That is why every suspicious act of a police officer is time for a ‘Black Lives Matter’ rally, or a full out riot. That is why Obama keeps Al Sharpton handy, like a good socialist arrow in his quiver. That is why ‘women’s reproductive rights’ come in handy. That is why Judicial shenanigans, like that which endorsed gay ‘marriage,’ are perpetrated.

They were not enacted to serve the oppressed, but to spark a revolution, and to round up an army of ‘useful idiots.’

For the philosophy of Karl Marx, which inspires Barack Obama and the Democratic party, has always thought of the people that they apparently fought for as ‘ignorant rabble,’ and ‘stupid,’ but absolutely necessary for the spiritual and social warfare vital for ‘fundamental change.’ Subsequently, the lowering of the quality of the American educational system through Common Core, the creation of the misinformation nation through the pop culture and the mainstream media, and the paralysis of minds through electronic gadget addictions serve the Socialist-Democrats purpose.

This philosopher, interestingly, also thought of religion as ‘the opium of the masses.’ Coincidentally, Barack Obama has persecuted 1st Amendment rights like no previous President. And in searching for ‘useful idiots,’ Mr. Obama has enlisted an army of cafeteria Catholics and Christians to weed out their congregations and parishes, separating ‘tactical allies’ in the fight for the poor–who might eventually become ‘strategic traitors’–from true believers in the Socialist cause. Hence, we have all too many bishops, priests, pastors, nuns, theologians, and ‘Catholic’ or ‘Christian’ politicians serving the progressive cause.

But never forget, this evil, unless totally stamped out by a Spiritual Revolution in Truth, will persevere for their final cause. Just listen to the French Socialist Bakunin:

‘ Frenchmen themselves, even the workers, were not inspired by it (socialist revolution); the doctrine seemed too frightening. It was, in fact, too weak. They should have suffered greater misery and disturbances. Circumstances are coming together in such a way that there will be no shortage of that. Perhaps then the Devil will awaken.’

Perhaps then the Democratic party will succeed.

God bless!




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