Giving a Catholic-Christian ‘grade’ to last nights Republican debaters


With the hopes and expectations of a Catholic/Christian voter in mind, here are some ‘grades’ for the Republican presidential candidates in last nights prime time debate:

Chris Christie: Mr. Christie came out strong in regards to fiscal responsibility, highlighting his achievements in a state senate largely dominated by Democrats. He also championed national defense through the acquisition of communication data via the NSA. In his tit-for-tat with Rand Paul, Mr. Christie displayed his strong will and determination to protect the lives of Americans. He did not, however, come across as a candidate with overly strong Christian convictions, or interest, in the controversial social matters of the day. Grade: C+

John Kasich: Mr. Kasich sounds very Christian when his heart bleeds for the poor within his midst. There is no doubt that he has very strong Christian convictions for the poor, for those with mental disorders, and for those convicted of crimes. Mr. Kasich, however, suffers from two major weaknesses. First, he is a cafeteria Christian, displaying this with his outrage for Planned Parenthood’s immoral and unethical activity, and his simultaneous sympathy for the ‘gay’ marriage movement. Secondly, with his mixed bag of social conservatism, comes his primary ‘modus operandi’ as a fiscal Republican. Grade: C

Rand Paul: Mr. Paul displayed himself in all of his Libertarian grandeur. He presented his brands view of isolationism from world problems, his anal overstraining in squeezing every drop of meaning from the Constitution–to serve his Libertine view–in a somber, negative, and pugnacious way. Mr. Paul seemed less interested in justice, picking, rather, for liberty. Grade: D

Marco Rubio: Mr. Rubio displayed poise, knowledge, conservatism, and a Christian conviction within every answer he gave. With a kind rebuke of a false charge given to him associated with the abortion issue, Mr. Rubio continues his quest for the White House in solidarity with the traditional Catholic-Christian view in America. Staunchly Pro-Life, Mr. Rubio is conservative enough on immigration, while remaining both compassionate and law abiding. He is, moreover, very firm on defunding Planned Parenthood, squashing the Iran deal, eradicating Obamacare, and re-strengthening the Military. Mr. Rubio exudes a calm, yet strong, Christian dignity, and appears very ‘presidential.’ Grade: A-

Ben Carson: Mr. Carson, though uncomfortable in the early part of the debate, came on very strong in the end. This is a brilliant man, with impeccable integrity. Blessed with a good sense of humor, and a humble soul, Mr. Carson is a debate or two away from becoming a major force in this election process. Simply, he is a very good man. The question is, is he ready for a political swim with the sharks? Grade: B+

Ted Cruz: God created Ted Cruz for the debate forum. Intelligent to a fault, Mr. Cruz is very comfortable communicating his thoughts and ideas in front of the cameras and large crowds. Mr. Cruz, moreover, is truly THE conservative candidate of ‘conservative’ candidates. He is also a devout Christian, immersed in the written word of God. The only think that can hold Ted Cruz back from a Presidential nomination is his honesty, his Christian faith, and his genuine conservatism…all values undervalued by the Republican ‘Washington Cartel.’ Grade: A-

Scott Walker: Mr. Walker has demonstrated his strong will and fiscal ingenuity in a predominantly, and antagonistically, democratic-unionized state of Wisconsin. And though he appears as a poised man of good will, there is an aura of recklessness lurking behind him. For even the most conservative of Catholic-Christians among us must scratch our head at his unflinching commitment to avoid abortion even in circumstances where it is certain that a mother will die. There is a callousness here not in common with the Pro-Life perspective. Grade: C+

Mike Huckabee: Mr. Huckabee is a preacher man, and a conservative to the core. He is supremely strong, and clear, on social issues, and has abundant charisma to bring across his message. What might hurt him, which is the same obstacle that Mr. Cruz has to overcome, is his candor, his Christian faith, and his conservatism. Grade: B+

Jeb Bush: Mr. Bush has the name (for good and for bad), and the money. But what he lacks is conviction. He says, for the most part, all the right things. But he comes across as a man who is reading them off of a cue card. And there is the question of his resolve. He seems a little sheepish at times. Grade: C-

Donald Trump: Like the wizard of Oz, the man behind the curtain was truly revealed. How can a Catholic-Christian vote for a man who cannot pledge loyalty to the (imperfect) Republican party in its quest to defeat rampant progressivism in America? Mr. Trump is self-centered, self-interested, callous, and shallow to a fault. Show me one sentence in his debate responses which reveal actual details to a plan for doing things he bloviates over? Also, he is disrespectful, un-presidential, and ruthless with money. Can we really trust him to serve America in a consistently conservative way? Or will he flip back into a liberal mid-term? This man, moreover, exemplifies the least amount of Christian conviction among his debate peers. Yet, we must not overlook his one immense strength! He is not owned by any outside monetary group. And he has no desire to impress the press with political correctness. That alone is an attitude that hopefully pervades the rest of the Republican candidates, and soon. Grade: C

{Carly Fiorina gets an A- for her integrity in coming to the not-for-prime-time-debate with her A game. Like Ben Carson, she is a shooting star.}

What are your grades? Agree? Disagree? Let me know.

God bless!




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