Will we see Jesus in the Republican debate?


With the Democratic party basically divorced from Christianity, through their parties denunciation of God at their last national convention, and their politics of eugenics, socialism, and executive and judicial tyranny, Americans of Judaeo-Catholic/Christian faith are left to ponder the mixed bag of Republicanism. With much ‘pomp and circumstance,’ Republicans have previously promised legislation which would be user friendly for the Judaeo-Catholic/Christian, but have quite often failed to deliver ‘when the rubber hits the road.’

Yet, in the current circumstances, the Republicans are our only hope.

In this weeks Republican debate(s), will we see Jesus Incarnate appear in this vital social dialogue, or will we see politics as usual? Will we see open receptivity to the Holy Spirit of God, or more mediocre Washington rhetoric?

Here are some questions, and answers, which will reveal the candidate, or candidates, most receptive to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In the Declaration of Independence, ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ are defined as basic rights for every American.  How will you not only defend these, but bring them back to the fore of the American consciousness?

We need to experience, from these candidates, an unabashed conviction that life begins at conception and ends at natural death. We need to experience, from these candidates, an unflinching demand for the defunding of Planned Parenthood. We need a candidate that not only understands the life issues, and the corresponding threats of the ‘culture of death,’ but firmly believes from an informed faith that the great American society, built upon (traditional} marriage and family, is currently in the deconstruction phase of a powerful progressive revolution.

Therefore, we need to meet a candidate that not only believes in our Constitutional rights (especially 1st Amendment rights), but is willing to go toe to toe with socialists, anarchist, Sharia Law proponents, progressives, atheist-secularists, and millions of uninformed minions, fighting for freedom of speech, freedom of press, and freedom of religion. Our prime candidate must speak more from the gospel and less from political correctness.

Therefore, our prime candidate must find answers to major threats to American security. Domestically, our prime candidate must find ways to care for the poor and unemployed while ridding our nation of the parasite known as Obamacare. This is a national security threat in that it is a drain on our economy. Our prime candidate must exemplify Christian compassion to the immigrant and the refugee, while simultaneously sorting out the criminal and the terrorist. This means the messy work of enforcing existing laws, building a wall, building border security, deporting felons, human traffickers, drug dealers, and ‘rapists,’ while offering a path to residency for illegal immigrants who pose no threat to Americans. Our candidate, moreover,  must respect the reality of the menace of Islamic terror, Russian brutality, and Chinese manipulation. It is, to the surprise of many, Christian to ‘walk softly but carry a big stick.’ American economic and military strength, after all, is not meant for bullying and colonialism, but for peace and justice world wide. For bullies only understand muscle.

Our prime candidate, or candidates, must understand, and convey a talent for disseminating the Catholic understanding that with ‘rights’ come responsibilities. The ‘pursuit of happiness’ was never meant as a social jail break from morality and ethics, especially the Judaeo-Catholic/Christian kind that made our nation great. Therefore, the Judicial hijacking of marriage must be readdressed and given back to the individual states to decide. The traditional American family, constantly under attack from the far left, must be rebuilt through the deconstruction of the institutions of ‘the culture of death,’ and the reconstruction of the institutions of the Culture of Life, as found in our various houses of worship. Once again, religious freedom, even within private businesses which profess Christian values, must be protected from the tyranny of government overreach.

Government overreach, in crippling regulations such as felt from the EPA, is not Christian in value, but Marxist, and atheist, by design. A free market imbued by a social ethic of justice mirrors the Genesis story, albeit imperfectly, yet immensely more than communism, socialism, or totalitarianism. Our prime candidate must not only be a champion of smaller, yet efficient, government, but he, or she , must be a champion of racial reconciliation. Class warfare is for the Marxist. Communion and reconciliation is for the Christian.

Finally, our prime candidate(s) must not only be a proud American, but also a friend of Christ, or, at least, sympatico with people of the Judaeo-Catholic/Christian faith.

After all, we don’t need a saint, but we certainly need to start steering clear of demons.

God bless!





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